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A. I. F. Burial Ground (Flers) (Somme France)

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William Elliott Harvey 16/03/1917 Aged 21
William enlisted at Pirie in 03/1916, with his pal, Sam Gale, and like him, was assigned to the 8th Machine Gun Coy.
They took, as was usual, several months to actually arrive at the front; but on 16/12/1916, Harvey was taken on strength of the 8th Machine Gun Coy.
It was a tight-knit Coy, strong on keeping in touch whenever separated, and on mutual support.
Sam Gale was particularly his mate, but others in the Coy were fond of "young Billie Harvey", as they called him.
('Charlie' to Sam Gale, 08/04/1917, Gale Papers.) Even so, Harvey found conditions in the trenches very grim.
He went down to illness in 01/1917, and then again in 02/1917, with "trench feet".
The 15th Field Ambulance patched him up, and send him to the front again.
A little over a month later, just one year and eight days after he had enlisted, he was KiA at Bapaume, the day that town was recaptured from the retreating German Army.
(Samuel Henry Gale died 22/03/1918 Aged 21 and is buried at Kandahar Farm Cemetery Belgium.)
L/Cpl Charles Edwin Kendrick 28/07/1917
Charles was born in Darlaston, the son of Phineas and Elizabeth Kendrick of 211, Pleck Road, Walsall.
His brother Cpl Herbert was also killed on 13/11/1916 and is buried in Serre Road Cemetery N°1.
Charles enlisted in the Army at Walsall in 11/1916 whilst under age at that time being employed at the Alma Tube Works, Green Lane, Walsall.
The War Diary records:
"24 to 28 July 1917 - Battalion in support to 15th Cheshires. Night and day working parties furnished. No noteworthy incidents.
29 July 1917 - Battalion relieved 15th Cheshires in C.2. sub-sector, northern.”
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Coy Q. M./Sgt William Henry Rickards 20/12/1916 aged 35
William was born in Birmingham to Henry and Margaret Rickards of 150, Dudley Road, Birmingham.
He enlisted in the Army at Worcester in 1898 and served throughout the South African campaign.
Leaving the Army he took a position as a Police Constable in the Walsall Borough Police Force.
William was to serve for a year before he was killed.
At the time of his death the bn were in the area of Mametz Wood, making their way up to the front lines.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Capt Horace William Harriman MC 01/09/1918
Horace was the youngest son of Paul and Sarah Jane Harriman of ‘Roslyn’, Coalpool Lane, Walsall, his father owning his own packing cask and case making firm.
An old boy of Queen Mary’s School he later took a position as assistant master at Palfrey School.
Horace was KiA north of Flers when he was hit by a machine gun bullet after he had led a successful attack.
A Captain in the regiment wrote to the family:
“Captain Harriman was killed on September 1 during the afternoon, under the following circumstances: a gap having occurred between our battalion and the battalion on our right, “B” Company, your son’s company, were ordered to fill the gap.
The company, very gallantly led by your son, moved forward and carried out their task with great determination, capturing many prisoners and machine guns.
The captured position was being organised when your son was shot by a machine gun bullet, and he died half an hour later, before he could be moved.
He was buried by our Padre a day or two later, where he fell.”
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Cpl Thomas F. Ellis 20/07/1916
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Capt George Penderell Blake 20/07/1916 aged 37
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Sgt Robert George Bridgeman 05/11/1916
He was the son of Joseph Henry and Sarah Ann Bridgeman of 8, Dam Street, Lichfield.
His father was initially a self employed grocer and draper but later started the firm of R. Bridgeman and Sons Limited, ecclesiastical sculptors, of Lichfield.
Robert was killed by shellfire.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Lichfield


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