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BRUSSELS Town Cemetery (Evere) (Vlaams Brabant Belgium)

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Photo courtesy Jean-Michel Dominique (Bel)
A part of the Lockheed Hudson III, serial number T9463 crew, crashed 27/11/1944
5th from left: R. E. Wilkinson
8th from left: F. J. J.Champion
10th from left: J. Weddell
F/O John Weddell aged 22
F/Lt Frederick John Joseph Champion DFM aged 23
The former graves: J. Weddell - G. H. Ash - F. J. J. Champion
SQ/Lr Reginald Eric Wilkinson DFC aged 31 F/Lt George Henry Ash DFC aged 30
For Reginald's nephew, Steve Wilkinson
Please Steve, thank you to contact me if you read this.
Crew members of the Halifax MZ629 crashed in Waterloo 13/05/1944
L. to R.: P/O A. Laturnus - P/O C. J. Cambell - MacDermott * - Sgt J. D. MacPherson - WO2 C. S. Barzeele - F/O Stuart Preston - P/O E. D. Empey
* possibly an RAF Air Gunner member of the training unit, and who had been replaced by P/O A. E. Yarington.
Sgt John Duncan MacPherson P/O Andrew Laturnus
P/O Earl Dwight Empey P/O Charles John Campbell
P/O Alvin Edward Yarington WO2 Cyril Simeon Barzeele
evaded, he survived the war
For Stuart Preston's nephew, John Preston
Dvr Frederick Derrick Alecock 1924 - 15/12/1944
"Derrick" was despatch driver, here on his motorcycle.
He is commemorated on the Church Tablet in Mildenhall, Suffolk, England where he was born.
for his 1st cousin Richard John Alecock
F/Lt John Vernon Evans 05/03/1945 aged 26 F/O Alfred Migal Payne 05/03/1945
The two men were crew of a mosquito bomber that crash landed at Brussels airfield on the return leg of a mission over Germany.
for David Evans
F/Lt Alastair Norman Leigh McQueen 09/02/1945
The last Alastair's portrait taken in the Treep family in Eindhoven (Nl) were he resided since 17/09/1944 to 07/02/1945.
He was pilot of a Taylor craft Auster of the 21st Army Group HQ of Montgommery.
for Alastair Treep (Nl) named after him
The crew of the Lancaster JA 712 BQ-H
At night of 27/05/1944, with several other airplanes of the 550th Sqdn, the Lancaster JA 712-BQ-Hto had bombed the marshalling yards Rothe-Erde of Aachen, east of the city.
The target had been touched, in spite of the light mist covering the railways, during this night, following the mission's reports.
Two aircrafts didn't return, one of them, fell in Rebecq.
P/O Thomas Edward Flanagan aged 20 Sgt Peter Charles Morrell King aged 21
P/O Elvin Curtis Purney aged 24 Sgt John Leonard Sheahan
Sgt Kenneth Harold Fontain De Lengerke aged 28 Sgt (Air Gunner) David Yardley
Survived, he was extracted from the wreck by the villagers and hidden in Rebecq’s Hospital where he was cared for. He was arrested by the Germans and became a war prisoner.
Sgt (Bombardier) Elie Molnar
Survived, he jumped with his parachute, was rescued and hidden by Belgian resistance.
The Monument in Honour of the cew in Rebecq and right, the makeshift stretcher who had served to carry Sgt Yardley to the hospital.
The crew is also honoured on
Pte Edwin Jack Cooper 23/05/1940 aged 19
for Karen Tunnell and family
P/O keith Charles Page 28/05/1944 aged 32
for his nephew Kevin & Marjorie Page
Monument in Hostade dedicated to Keith's crew of Halifax XH 267.
Also commemorated here.
And to the crew of B-25 Mitchell Mark II FW 224 crached on 02/02/1945.
Photos Courtesy Kevin Page
The crew of Mosquito MM678 attached to the RAF 157 sqn.
P/O William Searle Vale 06/10/1944 aged 27
William was killed in a Mosquito when it crashed into some poplars during a night flight after one engine failed.
He was the eldest of 10 children, working on the farm and could have been exempted. Mum last saw him when he was shipped overseas.
The Matron let her out of the dormitory to meet him as she was working at Epworth Hospital in Prahran at the time.
He married the sister of his best friend in the squadron.
Unfortunately, when news of his crash came through, she miscarried.
for his nephew Richard Green
F/Lt Alfred Edward David Ashcroft 06/10/1944 aged 24
P/O Robert Eldyrn Currie 25/06/1943 aged 22
for Mark Dinan
Pte James Alexander Loughleen 12/11/1945
for Mark Dinan
Fl/Sgt George Thompson VC 23/01/1945
He was born on 23/10/1920 in Trinity Gask, Perthshire,U.K.
On 01/01/1945 in an attack on the Dortmund-Ems Canal, Germany, Lancaster bomber serial PD377, after releasing its bombs, was hit by two shells and a raging fire broke out.
Fl/Sgt Thompson who was the wireless operator, seeing that the mid-upper gun turret was ablaze, went at once through the smoke filled fuselage into the fire and exploding ammunition in the turret to help the gunner to a place of relative safety.
He extinguished his burning clothing with his bare hands and in doing so sustained serious burns to his legs, hands and face.
He then went to the rear turret which was also ablaze and again used his already burnt bare hands to beat out flames on the gunner's clothing.
Then, despite his shocking state of burns and charred clothing, he returned through the burning fuselage to report to the pilot.
The crippled aircraft finally crash-landed; the rear gunner survived and made a full recovery but the mid-upper gunner died.
Flight Sergeant Thompson began to recover from his injuries in hospital but died of pneumonia three weeks later.
for Mark Dinan
He is also commemorated on VConline
Cpl Garmet Andrew Soule 30/01/1945 aged 35
for Mark Dinan

641 casualties


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