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The visit of Commonwealth graves in Communals Cemeteries & Churchyards in Belgium & France

CAMBRIN Churchyard Extension (Pas de Calais France)

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CSM Alexander Lawrie 23/09/1915 aged 30
Capt Arthur Legge Samson MC 25/09/1915 aged 33
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte A. Williams 02/01/1916 aged 33
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
L/Cpl B. Tracey 29/12/1915 aged 24
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Capt George Oliver Thomas 26/09/1915 aged 31
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte William Alfred Wardell 25/09/1915 aged 39
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Sjt A. V. Harvey 25/09/1915
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte J. Edwards 25/09/1915 aged 31
He was one of the two men who rescued the mortally wounded Lt Collingwood-Thompson at Perreuse Château in 09/1914.
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Gnr Oscar Featherstone 05/09/1915 aged 27
for his great nephew W. Paul Featherstone
Cpl Albert James Wells 28/04/1916 aged 29
for David Irwin & Jenny Irwin (Albert's niece nee Wells)
Pte Daniel Smith 25/09/1915 aged 38
He married Jane Humpage at Walsall in 1900.
He enlisted in the Army at Walsall in 02/1915 at which time he was employed as a coal miner at the Wyrley Plant.
Daniel was drafted to France on Thursday 22/04/1915.
He was killed in action north of Arras.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Sjt Joseph Hargreaves Ashworth 14/02/1916 aged 28
Joe was known in the family as being full of fun and always ready to share a joke.
His brother was an lieutenant with the RGA, serving at Mesnil near Albert at the time, in a letter he had drawn a plan of the graves showing the locations, in case there was later heavy fighting and the grave became unidentifiable. Seeing the grave today brings this letter to life.
He is remembered on the beautiful memorial at St.Annes, Lancashire.
for his great nephew David Ashworth
L/Cpl William Alexander 08/09/1916 aged 23
William was a baker to trade and worked in for the local bakers and grocers in Stranraer Mr John Clement.
He was the eldest son of Mr and Mrs James Alexander of 35 Sheuchan Street, Stranraer.
Cpl Gilbert Neil, also killed (25/08/1918), wrote home to his own mother before his death:
“I was looking for William Alexander today, as his company came out of the trenches a few days ago, but I got a great surprise.
I was taken into headquarters, and the chaplain was busy writing to inform his father that he had been killed in the trenches with a minewerf.
I felt very sad when he told me, as everywhere I went – even in the trenches – we used to meet each other and talk about home, and I always kept the ‘Free Press’ for him.
He was well liked by all in his company, always very cheery and frightened of nothing.
He was well known at home by all the footballers and played in the League matches.
His platoon sergeant was telling me he was very sorry to lose him, as he was not only his bosom pal, but he was a fine soldier also.
He seemed very sorry when he was telling me how it happened.
I had just seen him a few days previous - when he told me he was the first man to go on leave when it started.”
William had been an excellent goal scorer in Stranraer Junior League and was very well known playing centre forward.
He had also a good singing voice and was a member of the Sheuchan Parish Choir.
for Julia MacDonald
Pte Albert Victor Dolman 25/09/1915 aged 27
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Phillip Davies 05/02/1916
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen


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