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IXELLES (Elsene) Communal Cemetery (Vlaams Brabant Belgium)

J. Hulse - H. Williams - A. J. Richards - W. O'Reilly
J. Brockie
E. G. Howard
J. B. Gorvin (listed as Garven) - W. A. Stallwood
C. E. Barnes - H. W. Rawson - Unknown - H. S. Ewan
F. H. Frost
W. Reynolds
William Reynolds 24/01/1944 (not listed by the C.W.G.C.)
Born in Brighton on 11 May 1890, William Reynolds joined the 16th Queen's Lancers at the start of the Great War. After the Armistice, he married his nurse, Honorine, and stayed in Belgium in the inter-war years, running a café-cum-boarding house in Middelkerke on the coast.
When World War II broke out, he and his wife decided to remain in occupied Belgium. He became an active member of the Comete Line, the famous escape organisation. Arrested in January 1942, he was executed in Germany on 24 January 1944. His remains were brought back to the Ixelles/Elsene Communal Cemetery, Brussels, whe re he rests in the Belgian Pelouse d'Honneur/Ereperk. Many thanks at John Clinch
Pte Henry Stevenson Ewan 21/08/1917 aged 38
for his grandson David Dean, great grandson Karl Dean and family
Pte James Brockie 21/11/1914
His wife, Elizabeth Brockie (nee McKinney), was married to Joseph Connor prior to marrying James and had three children to Joseph, they were, Jane 1899 – 1981, Patrick 1901 – 1955 and Joseph 1903 – 1945.
When her husband, Joseph, died she married James Brockie on the 29/08/1907 at Garngad Road, Glasgow.
James and Elizabeth had 5 children, Jessie Marshall Brockie 1908 – 1992, John 1909 – 1937, Moira 1910 –1912, James 1912 - 1986, and George Frederick Brockie 1914 – 1985.
James was employed as a briquette worker with the Coltness Iron Company and resided a 4 Steel’s Land, Cambusnethan with his wife and children.
He was a Reservist whose time would have expired at the New-Year 1915; he enlisted at Edinburgh with the Cameron Highlanders on the 14t/08/1914.
They landed at Le Havre as Army Troops and by the 05/09/1914 were under the command of 1st Brigade, 1st Division.
The last post-card from him, to his wife, was dated 09/11/1914; from then Mrs. Brockie heard nothing.
James was part of 1st Brigade, 1st Division and died as a prisoner of war, almost certainly from wounds received during the First Battle of Ypres.
From time to time, remarkable cases of mistaken identity, on the part of the military authorities, were published; soldiers officially reported dead, having afterwards been found to be very much alive.
The first instance in his local area, is as follows:
- In the beginning of the year the Wishaw Press gave particulars of Private James Brockie of the Cameron Highlanders.
His wife was formally notified on the 12/01/1915 that her husband had been missing since the 11/11/1914 and on the following day she received another letter, informing her that he had died at Waukesha on the 21/11/1914.
The cause of death was said to be “not known”, much sympathy was aroused at the time from the fact that on his death, Private Brockie was said to have left a wife and a family of seven young children.
james brockie on the strength of the official death certificate, the usual insurance and other transactions following the deceased of the head of a family took place.
A few weeks later, a letter reached Mrs. Brockie from the War Office, requesting her to forward the last communication which she had received from her husband together with the official certification of his death; they were duly sent.
On Tuesday of the following week the death certificate was returned with a letter stating that the deceased soldier’s accounts would be sent on as soon as they were received and it was added that Pte Brockie’s letter would be returned later.
It was further stated that arrangements were being made in regard to the pension payments, commencing sometime in the forthcoming month.
Mrs. Brockie was shocked and surprised on receiving, from the War Office, a letter stating that her husband was a prisoner of war in a military hospital in Brussels, suffering from a wound below the right knee.
The information was made on the usual official form, contained no reference to the previous notification of death nor was any explanation offered regarding the contradictory nature of the reports given.
Pte James Brockie of the Cameron Highlanders was one of the first soldier heroes from Cambusnethan to die during the Great War.
His wife, Elizabeth, emigrated to Australia in 1925 with children, Jessie, James, John and George.
Patrick Connor also went to Australia.
Elizabeth was a very hard worker who worked as a cook on a huge sheep station.
She died in 1947 in Warnambool Victoria Australia.
James is also commemorated on Cambusnethan Memorial Arch.
for Alistair Allan

12 casualties

United Kingdom Lance Corporal Lancashire Fusiliers 1st/5th Bn. Age: 28 22/05/1918 Service No: 40412 IV. G. 16.

United Kingdom Private Cameron Highlanders 1st Bn. 21/11/1914 Service No: 6052 IV. E. 17.

United Kingdom Private Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 8th Bn. Age: 38 21/08/1917 Service No: 41960 IV. G. 22.

United Kingdom Private Wiltshire Regiment "D" Coy. 2nd Bn. Age: 28 20/12/1918 Service No: 8225 IV. H. 4.

United Kingdom Private Gordon Highlanders 8th/10th Bn. Age: 22 02/11/1918 Service No: S/9539 IV. G. 7.

United Kingdom Private Seaforth Highlanders 8th Bn. Age: 25 03/10/1915 Service No: S/3318 IV. F. 9.

United Kingdom Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps 1st Bn. 10/11/1914 Service No: 4885 IV. D. 2.

United Kingdom Private Royal Irish Regiment "C" Coy. 2nd Bn. Age: 19 30/10/1914 Service No: 6320 IV. D. 11.

United Kingdom Captain Royal Scots 16th Bn. Age: 33 22/04/1918 IV. G. 17.

United Kingdom Private 9th (Queen's Royal) Lancers Age: 21 05/11/1914 Service No: L/4975 IV. D. 6.

United Kingdom Private Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 51st Coy. Age: 19 24/10/1918 Service No: 132563 IV. G. 9.

United Kingdom Private Welsh Regiment 2nd Bn. 06/11/1914 Service No: 7308 IV. D. 5.

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