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ORCHARD DUMP Cemetery (Arleux En Gohelle) (Pas de Calais France)

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Pte Edward Allan 30/03/1918
for Paul Henderson (Can.)
Pte William Frizzell 03/04/1918
Born Truro N.S. Enlisted in the 193rd Battalion. Later transferred to 85th Bn. Wounded 30 March 1918 Oppy/Gavrelle Sector.
for Paul Henderson (Can.)
L/Cpl Carson Edward Logan 30/03/1918
Born Amherst N.S. KIA Oppy/Gavrelle Sector.
for Paul Henderson (Can.)
Pte Walter Allan Brown 30/03/1918
Born Canard N.S. Enlisted with 219th Battalion later transferred to 85th Bn. KIA Oppy/Gavrelle Sector.
for Paul Henderson (Can.)
Pte Sigurbjorn O. G. Helgason 30/03/1918
Born Seydisfjurd, Iceland. Enlisted with the 101st Battalion later transferred to 85th Bn. KIA Oppy/Gavrelle Sector.
for Paul Henderson (Can.)
Pte Harry Virginus Perks 14/10/1918 aged 23
A single man residing with his parents, Henry and Gertrude Jane Perks of 99, Harrison Street, Bloxwich.
Harry enlisted in the Army at Birmingham on Monday 14/09/1914 at which time he was employed as a miner at Allens Rough Colliery.
At 2pm on Sunday 13 October 1918 his bn relieved the 2nd Bn, Northamptonshire Rgt along the Planques-Cite Ouvriere road. Before dawn the following morning the Germans attacked the positions from the direction of Auby. The bn suffered heavily from German machine gun and mortar fire with “C” Coy being forced to retire.
Casualties are recorded as being 11 killed, 33 wounded and 57 missing.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Pte John Griffiths 08/02/1918 aged 39
Born in Birmingham to John Hattam and Charlotte Griffiths of 30, Selbourne Street, Walsall, John’s father was a brown saddler by trade.
He attended Ablewell Weslyan School and later found employment at Price Brothers, bakers of Jessel Road, Walsall as a bread deliverer.
A married man with 3 children residing at 15, Selbourne Street, Walsall, attested at Walsall on Wednesday 07/06/1916 being mobilised on Monday 13/08/1917.
He was drafted to France on Tuesday 11/12/1917.
At the time of John’s death his bn were in the line in the Gavrelle-Oppy sector having arrived there on Saturday 05/01/1918. The month of February was, according to the Regimental History, ‘uneventful’.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Pte Fred Spencer 28/08/1918
A native of Rushall, Frederick was the son of John and Elizabeth Spencer of Reedswood Park Lodge, Walsall, his father being the park keeper for Reedswood Park, Walsall.
Frederick enlisted in the Army at Darlaston in 04/1915 and was drafted to France in 02/1916.
On Sunday 25/08/1918 the 1st bn relieved the 2nd Bn, Northamptonshire Rgt in front line trenches at Oppy.
At 1am on Tuesday 27/08/1918 “B” Coy left the trenches with orders to occupy part of the German trenches.
At 6.15am “C” Coy was ordered forward and, with relative ease, occupied the Kent Road-Duke Street area.
A further advance was also made to link up with “B” Coy and the area secured.
The following day at 11.30am the Germans began shelling the lines followed by vigorous infantry attacks during which Frederick was killed by the bursting of a shell.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Gnr John Addis 23/05/1917 aged 25
John was born in Coalpool, Walsall to Alfred and Anne Florence Addis of Lichfield Road, Shelfield.
After leaving school he found employment as a brick yard labourer.
John enlisted in the Army on Tuesday 02/04/1912 and was posted to “D” Battery, 15th Brigade on Saturday 22/07/1916.
He was killed during the Battle of Arras whilst serving his gun, most probably by counter battery fire.
At the time of his death his division was fighting to take the villages of Arleux and Oppy.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Lt James Mitchell Souter 28/03/1894 - 11/04/1917
James was born in Hamilton to James and Mary Souter.
In the 1911 census they were still living in Hamilton and he had two sister; Jean and Margaret; and a brother William.
He enlisted on 21/03/1916 in the 133rd out of Simcoe as a Lieutenant giving Hamilton as his home address.
He was attending the University of Toronto and was enrolled in the Canadian Officer Training Corps.
Lt. Souter of Hamilton, who is to be signalling officer, was around the armouries over the weekend. He came up to inspect the equipment of the battalion in his department, and was gratified that a very competent Quartermaster had left him nothing to ask for.
(The Simcoe Reformer, March 30th 1916)
Lt. James Mitchell Souter appointed Signalling Officer of the 133rd Battalion.
Lt. Souter is a native of Hamilton, a two-year man at Toronto University and comes to the 133rd from the 13th Regiment of Hamilton.
He and the Messrs. Rigg took the signalling course together at Toronto and all three obtained first class certificates, and to do that they were compelled to have 98 per cent. Of their work correct.
(The Simcoe Reformer, May 11th 1916)
Mr. and Mrs. Souter of Hamilton, were in Simcoe on Monday attending the funeral of Captain Paulin and upon their return home found a message awaiting them that their son Lt. J. M. Souter was missing.
(The British Canadian, April 18th 1917)
Souter, Lt. James Mitchell, Killed in Action. Formerly signalling officer of the 133rd Battalion, first reported missing, now officially reported dead.
(The Simcoe Reformer, May 3rd 1917)
In the causality list about two weeks ago the name of Lieut. J. M. Souter was reported as missing. Since then official word has been received that he was killed. Simcoe people will remember Lieut. Souter as being the Signal Officer of the 133rd Battalion. He was a highly respected officer of that section and endeared himself to his men, every man without exception speak in the highest terms of him at all times. When the 133rd went overseas Lieut. Souter saw that if he remained as a signaller it would be some time before he would get to France so he joined the aerial force. The early part of March he went on active service in France and now word has come that he is among the killed. Lieut. Souter was an intimate friend of the late Captain Paulin and his last weekend spent in England was spent with Captain Paulin. The parents of the deceased who reside in Hamilton have the sympathy of many Simcoe people.
(The British Canadian, May 2nd 1917)
for Grant Smith
RE 8 British two-seater biplane used by
the 59th Squadron for reconnaissance and bombing.
Sjt Charles jones MM 28/04/1917 aged 25
Single,he was son of Mr. W. H. Jones, Enville Street, Stourbridge, and formerly worked with Messrs. Disturnal & Co., Wednesbury, as a commercial and shipping clerk.
He enlisted as Pte on 01/09/1914 and went to the front on 01/1915 where he gained successive promotion on the field.
He was Sjt Instructor of the Machine Gun Corps, awarded MM for bravery in Delville Wood in 07/1916.
Pte William Richard Guinan 06/03/1892 - 20/05/1917
The son of Thomas Guinan, he was former a well known Dominion Express messenger.
William enlisted on 06/04/1916 and was sent Overseas next December.
He fought in the battle of Vimy Ridge.
He had four brothers and three sisters.
He was previously buried at Willerval.
for his great niece Sandra Guinan (Nova Scotia)
Pte William James 13/05/1898 - 30/04/1917
He was born in Radcliff, England and was farmer before his enlistment on 17/03/1916 in Winnipeg.
for his nephew Stephen James (Canada)
Capt Eugene Gilbert Sulivan 02/06/1893 - 08/05/1917
he was the son of Col Ernest frederick Sulivan 1860 - 1928.
His brothers
Capt Henry Ernest Sulivan 31/10/1917 is buried in Oxford Road Cemetery
2nd/Lt Philip Hamilton Sulivan 27/08/1914 is buried in Etreux British cemetery
He is remembered on the St Peter's Old Woking G.W.M. Roll of Honour by Pete Smee
and the Surrey County Council Heritage Conservation Team
Pte Loren Winfield "Win" Harmon 03/05/1917
He was born on 06/01/1883 in English Grove, Douglas County, Minnesota.
His parents were Charles Sumner Harmon (1857-1928) and Mina Lavina Thomas (1861-1931).
He married first, Cora Edna Prettyman in 1904 and had two daughters, Maecelle Pearl Harmon (1904-1985) and Bonita Belle ‘Bonnie’ Harmon (1908-1997).
Win and Cora divorced and he moved to Canada, where he married Mary Burlson and had one son, Walter Harmon.
He enlisted on 18/02/1916
Win was buried in Willerval Canadian cemetery who was destroyed due to the fights and is honoured in this cemetery alondside with 24 of his comrads.
Spr Fred Medland 27/05/1917 aged 25
for Tony Beard


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