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PEUTIE Communal Cemetery (Vlaams Brabant Belgium)

A. W. Hoare - L. J. Walters
W/O Alfred William Hoare (marked x )
for his nephew Brian Hoare and family
L/Cpl Leonard John Walters
Grenadier Guards Presland who survived the war, was best friends with Len Walters and remembered the occasion he was killed.
Mr Presland buried Len Walters in the grounds of a chateau, later when the Germans came, the body was moved to a local cemetery.
There was a lady called Lucy from the village who tended to the graves.
for Mr Presland's son Chris Presland
and Mike Gregson

2 casualties

United Kingdom Warrant Officer Class III (P.S.M) Grenadier Guards 1st Bn. Age: 33 Date of Death: between 15/05/1940 and 16/05/1940 Service No: 2609470

United Kingdom Lance Corporal Grenadier Guards 1st Bn. Age: 20 Date of Death: between 15/05/1940 and 16/05/1940 Service No: 2616078

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