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The visit of Commonwealth graves in Communal Cemeteries & Churchyards in Belgium & France

TYNE COT Memorial (ZONNEBEKE)(West Vlaanderen Belgium)

Pte Frederick G. Tapp 10/04/1918 aged 19
His brother, Pte William Tapp is buried in Duisans British Cemetery
For Simon Bull (Northamptonshire U. K.)
Pte Edmund Evan Davies 30/07/1892 - 06/11/1917
1st Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry.
Edmund was KiA, in the attack on Polderhoek Chateau
Dedicated to his Niece, Mrs Eleri Roberts Of Porthamdog, (Wales)
Pte James McLean 09/10/1917
1st Scots Guards
For Miss June McLean (Scotland)
Sjt Harry Neale MM 20/09/1917 Aged 24 Pte Charles Sargison MM 22/08/1917 L Cpl Reginald Sidney Woods 24/08/1917 Aged 20 Pte William Henry Burden 11/11/1917 Pte Herbert Slater 26/09/1917 Pte Frederick Smith 26/09/1917
Six men of Mansfield Woodhouse, for Anthony Bagshaw (U.K.)  
2nd/Lt John Granville Berry, M.C. 16/08/1917 aged 20 and Sec/Lt Frank Hubert Gill 16/08/1917
Old Boys of Ermysted's Grammar School.
Cpl William Robert Leathers 27/09/1917 aged 34
for his great grandson David Beckon
Pte Samuel Whiteley 09/10/1917 aged 32
Kia during the battle of Poelcapelle, Passchendaele
Lt Oliver Saint Michael Jones 04/10/1917 L/Cpl William Upton 22/09/1917 aged 29
For Steve Morse (UK)
Lt Henry Kenyon Bagshaw 13/04/1918
He was born 07/01/1892
S/Lt Norman Steel 16/08/1917
He was born 14/02/1897
L/Cpl James Outram Morris 30/10/1917
He was born 02/01/1886
Cpt Audley Andrew Dowell Lee 01/10/1917
He was born 03/04/1895
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
Pte Joseph Charles Yapp 1876 - 19/04/1918
Pte John Arthur Pittock KIA 01/10/1918 aged 19
Pte Arnold Orme 19/04/1918 aged 19
Pte Sidney Charles Bradder 06/11/1917 aged 24
Cpl John William Cooper 09/10/1917 aged 21
For his Great Niece Susan Carter
Pte Albert James Ford 26/10/1917 aged 40
Albert left his wife Edith Alethea and six children
Pte George Alfred Scobell 27/09/1917
Capt John Charles Mann MC 26/09/1917 aged 23 Capt Ernest Coster MC 26/09/1917 Lt Guy Collins Vernon Taylor 02/10/1917
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Cpl John David Copper 12/10/1917 aged 28
L/Cpl George Lowe 04/12/1917
for Jean-Louis Barette (Bel)
Pte Walter Brooks 16/08/1917
Walter's Active Service Testament 14-15 with Field Marshal Frederick Sleigh Roberts's message.
for Jean-Louis Barette (Bel)
2nd Lt William Gibson Verrill 26/10/1917 aged 24
Cpl Frederick Britton MM 26/10/1917
2nd Lt Ernest Alexander Knight 24/09/1917 aged 31
Pte William Kelly Will 26/09/1917 aged 19
Sjt John Pratt Cooper 23/08/1917
Pte Frank Wright 09/10/1917 aged 26
Frank, son of Samuel George and Anne Wright, Leicester, left England on 16/03/1917 and was KiA in the Houthulst Forest area.
He left a wife, Anne Wright, 1890 - 1933 and two children, Jesse Ann Moore, born 19/03/1913 and George Henry, born 14/03/1917, unfortunately, died 28/09/1917, some days before his father.
Frank's youngest brother, Pte Percy Clifford Wright, is buried in Haringhe Military Cemetery.
For Tom and Jackie (Frank's granddaughter) Keyes
Pte Allan Holebrook 25/10/1917 aged 24
Allan's uncle, Pte Charles Holebrook is buried in Dozinghem Military Cem.
another uncle, Pte Reginald Holebrook was KiA and buried in Harlebeke New British Cem.
for Paul Greenhalgh
Pte Charles Frederick Evemy 16/08/1917
For Mr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Cecil Edwards Dunford 29/03/1895 - 20/09/1917
Capt Alan Brodie Hoare 1882 - 26/10/1917
He was born in Catherham
Pte Eric Harold Ellis Delacey 06/10/1917
Pte John Kilmartin 26/04/1918
for Alasdair J. Malcolm
Capt William Ralph Cobb MC 05/10/1917
The Rev. William Joseph Doyle MC - MiD 17/08/1917
The Fuller Brothers
L/Bmb Thomas Fuller 1896 - 19/07/1918
He was born in Swetenham, Cheshire.
Thomas was killed Meteren during the final days of the German Spring offensive.
Pte Albert Edward Fuller 05/06/1899 - 14/10/1918
He was born in Greenfield, Yorkshire.
Albert was killed during the 1st Day of the battle of Courtrai.
They are both commemorated on the Greenfield Church Memorial, Yorkshire.
for their great nephew David Fuller (Chester, UK)
Sjt Charles Cecil Forster 1888 - 26/09/1917
He was born in Great Orton, Cumberland.
Son of James, a headteacher at Calthwaite, Cumberland and Elizabeth.
He attended Carlsle Grammar School and trained as a teacher at Sunderland Training College.
Charles served in Ireland during 1916 Easter Uprising.
He married Eliza Marshall in Carlisle in 01/1917 and went to France in 02/1917.
Charles was killed at Polygon Wood, serving in the 2/4 Bn Leicestershire Rgt.
for his great niece Diana Fuller and family (Chester UK)
Charles is commemorated on the Carlisle Grammar memorial
and on the Calthwaite memorial
Pte Percy Carhart 30/10/1917
Pte Reginald H. Villar 09/10/1917 aged 34
Lt Norgrave Ingram Bryce - Smith 1899 - 25/04/1918
Capt Francis Methuen Noel 26/10/1917 aged 28
Lt Gerald Charles Edward Gloster 06/11/1917 aged 20
Pte Thomas Lindenstruth 29/09/1917 aged 18
2nd/Lt Raymond Cecil Devereux Moore 09/10/1917 aged 20
2nd/Lt Hubert Ratcliffe Felton 09/10/1917
Capt John Percival Turner 26/10/1917 aged 39
Lt Col William Allsop Wistance DSO MC 25/04/1918
2nd/Lt Charles Norton Loveday 02/09/1889 - 12/10/1917
2nd/Lt Bernard Oates Robinson 14/06/1897 - 09/10/1917
More about Bernard commemorated by Rob Price at
Cpl Harry White 04/02/1895 - 09/10/1917
His brother Sjt George White also served during the war and was killed on 10/09/1915, he is buried in Ferme Olivier Cemetery.
More about George and Harry commemorated by Rob Price at
Rfm Albert Bagshaw 11/10/1917
More about Albert commemorated by Rob Price at
L/Cpl Charles Robert White 27/09/1917 aged 26
Charles, 13th Bn, Royal Sussex Rgt was the son of Mr and Mrs C White of 223 Brownhill Road, Catford.
He was born in Walworth and enlisted at Lewisham.
for Kevin Loughnane (Catford Roll of Honour)
Tpr Joe Stevens 16/11/1882 - 12/10/1917
He is remembered on the St Peter's Old Woking G.W.M. Roll of Honour by Pete Smee
and the Surrey County Council Heritage Conservation Team
Pte Frederick Henry Pink 27/04/1890 - 26/10/1917
He is remembered on the St Peter's Old Woking G.W.M. Roll of Honour by Pete Smee
and the Surrey County Council Heritage Conservation Team
Pte Harold Oliver 20/09/1917
He was KiA near Veldhoek.
His brother, Pte Robert Arthur Oliver KiA on 19/04/1916 at Wieltje is commemorated on the Ypres Menin Gate.
for John Taylor
Pte Donald McNaughton Stuart Finch 12/10/1917 aged 33
Pte David Baird 12/10/1917
Pte James Macrae 22/08/1917
(courtesy Clan Macrae Rollof Honour)
Pte Thomas Bell 05/10/1917
Rfm George Edward Keymer 12/10/1917 aged 23
Sjt Ernest Neal 04/10/1917
His cousin Rfm Walter Leonard Neal 10/10/1918 is buried in Beaulencourt British cemetery,
His cousin Sjt Alfred Neal 23/04/1918 is buried in Wimereux communal cemetery,
Another cousin, Archibald William Neal survived the awr despite being gassed three times.
for Tony Beard
Pte William Henderson 20/10/1917 aged 23
for his nephew William George Henderson
L/Cpl Henry Brough Till 26/10/1917 aged 26
Pte Harold Baker 04/10/1917
Pte Samuel Norman Melhuish 20/09/1917 aged 25
Pte Albert Charles Fielder 22/08/19177 aged 34
Rfm Henry Eagle 30/10/1917 aged 28
Pte John Birkett Errington 09/10/1917 aged 19
Pte Henry Harry Jolly 20/09/1917
L/Cpl Archibald Henry Kitt 06/11/1917 aged 20
Pte Reginald Richard Rastall 27/08/1917 aged 24
Pte William George Courtney 20/09/1917 aged 42
Pte Dixon Overfield 09/10/1917
Manchester Rgt ? Thank you to help me to identify him, please.
Thank you to help me to identify him, please.
Thank you to help me to identify him, please.
Thank you to help me to identify him, please.


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