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VERMELLES British Cemetery (Pas de Calais France)

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Pte Thomas Howat 29/06/1916 aged 20
3 Prentice Brothers in the War
Pte Thomas Prentice 28/06/1916 aged 21
He was the eldest of the 3 brothers.
He was killed in a night raid along with 4 others of his section, 2 are buried alongside him.
Left, Pte Walter Prentice, he was 2 years younger than Thomas, and served with 5th Scottish Rifles, he survived the war.
Right, L/Cpl Alex Prentice, he was 4 years younger than Thomas, DoW on 25/10/1918, he is buried in Etaples Military cemetery.
for their great nephew Iain Cox and family
L/Cpl George Bayes, of Harrowden, 01/09/1915, aged 24
For Mr Simon Bull (Northamptonshire U. K.)
Pte Walter Edward Aisthorpe 13/12/1916 aged 27
For Mary Stowell and family
Pte Francis George Measey 1888 - 18/03/1916
for his grandchildren Arthur, Christine and Linda Airley
Their other grandfather,Cornelius Airley is buried in Wytschaete Military Cemetery
Trooper John Newbrook 1892 - 26/01/1916
John was born at Hadnall, near Whitchurch, Shropshire.
He was the eldest Son of John and Elizabeth Newbrook.
After leaving school he became a butchers assistant but wanted to become an engine driver with the railway company.
He applied for a job as a locomotive cleaner at one of the large engine sheds at Crewe and this was to be the first rung on the ladder for him to becoming a driver.
He joined the 1st Life Guards and went to France at the outbreak of war.
His name is recorded, along with other employees of the L&NW Railway Co., on a commemorative plaque displayed at Crewe railway station.
for his nephew Gerald Newbrook and family
Article published in the Whitchurch Herald on 5th February 1916:
Trooper J Newbrook, 1st Life Guards, son of Mrs. Newbrook, 43 Newtown, was killed on January 27th. Mrs. Newbrook has received the following letter from Captain Hamilton Salter:- Your son was killed with his regiment in the trenches by a shell which buried him and three other men. I do not think he suffered. His body was carried down by his comrades and buried in a cemetery of soldiers’ graves. The Chaplain read the service over him. It was the day before yesterday. His grave is registered, and in future, by applying to the Regiment, you will be told where it is. We liked your son. I think he was one of the best young fellows we had, and we shall feel his loss. I feel how impossible it is to add more, but believe me you have the deepest sympathy of all ranks in my squadron in which your boy served. Since then Mrs. Newbrook has received a notification that her son is buried at Vermelles. And so another is added to the local list of those who have gallantly laid down their lives for their King and Country. All honour to their memory.
Guardsman Edward Silvester Andrew 02/03/1895 - 18/10/1915
Pte Walter Goulding 27/06/1916 aged 21
Sjt Charles William Parsley 03/04/1917
Sjt Frank Howitt 04/04/1917 aged 36
Frank left a widow and five children, the oldest was only aged 11
for his grandson John Knihght (UK)
Pte Harold Dawson 05/10/1916
Rfm Louis Romanini 07/08/1916 aged 20
for his great nephew Anthony Ferrari
Pte Leon Bednall 25/01/1916 aged 22
Leon was born in Walsall the son of Frederick William and Clara Bednall of 48, Brace Street, Walsall.
A cutter for John Shannon and Sons Limited, he enlisted in the Army at Walsall in 10/1914 and was drafted to France on Sunday 17/10/1915.
He was killed whilst in trenches in the area of Vermelles.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Pte Percy Willett 13/10/1915 aged 17
Percy was the son of John and Martha Willett of 33, Chase Road, Brownhills.
He was employed at the Harrisons Colliery when he enlisted in the Army at Walsall in 01/1915.
Drafted to France on Wednesday 18/08/1915, Percy was killed during his bn’s charge against the Hohenzollern Redoubt at the end of the Battle of Loos.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
L/Sjt Harry Martin 25/12/1916 aged 19
Harry was the son of Alfred and Mary Ann Martin of 39, Oxford Street, Pleck, Walsall.
A single man, he enlisted in the Army at Darlaston in 05/1915 and was drafted to France on Thursday 07/10/1915.
On Wednesday 20/09/1916 he was wounded in the thigh whilst in the front line trenches east of Flers.
Recovering, he returned to his bn but was killed on Christmas Day 1916 northwest of Lens.
His bn relieved units in the front line trenches near Noeux-Les-Mines during Friday 22/12/1916 and retained possession until they were themselves relieved by the 9th Bn, Suffolk Rgt during Wednesday 27/12/1916.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Cpl William George Stenner 17/03/1916 aged 26
for his great nephew Colin Stenner
Pte Andrew Brown 18/07/1916
for Gregory Caffier and family

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