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VIMY Memorial (Pas de Calais France)

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Lt Clayton Howard Devine 03/06/1917 aged 32
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
Major William Falconer Battersby MC 25/03/1918 aged 38
He was born in Tavistoch, Ontario, and was mining engineer, enlisted in Montreal 16/01/1915.
He was awarded the Military Cross in 1916 for bravery during attack on Courcelette:
"For conspicious gallantry in action. He fought and handled eight machine guns with great courage and skill, inflicting heavy casualties on two enemy field gun batteries."
(London Gazette 25/11/1916)
for Ann Cullen
Pte Ernest john Dorken 28/05/1917 aged 21
for Dustin Dorken
Piper Angus Morrison 01/11/1882 - 18/05/1915
Son of Dougald and Bella (nee McRae) Morrison, born in the township of Smerclate, Isle of South Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
Working as a logger in Canada he enlisted on 21 September 1914.
Missing in action, final resting place unknown ... "Fois Shiorruidh Thoir Dha A Thigearna"
for his great nephew Séamus Camshron (James Cameron), Alba (Scotland)
Pte Orren John Congdon 23/07/1917 aged 23
He enlisted in the 116th (Ontario County) Bn, on 08/11/1915.
Single, working as a farmer in Atherley, he was born in the town of Uxbridge, in 1893, a son of John Congdon & Annetta Hazzelwood, who had relocated to Atherley.
He went overseas in 07/1916, and went to trenches in France in 03/1917.
Cpl Congdon, of 'B' Coy, was KiA, his body was not recovered.
His name is listed on the Mara Cenotaph, located in front of the Brechin Legion, 4th Concession, Brechin.
The following letter was written in 08/1917, by Colonel Sam Sharpe, Commanding Officer of the 116th.
" It is my painful duty to inform you that your son, Corp. O.J. Congdon has been missing since an attack on German positions on the morning of July 23. The Battalion had received special order to raid the German lines on a frontage of about 600 yards to a depth of 400 yards. There were two objectives, and "A" Company under Captain Gould took the first objective and captured many prisoners. The other objective was taken by "B" and "C" Companies under Capt. Allen and Major Currie, respectively. They reached their objectives and inflicted much loss on the enemy, bombed his dugouts and took many prisoners. On the whole we captured about 60 prisoners, and the Battalion received complimentary messages from the Brigadier, the Divisional Commander, and Corps Commander-in-Chief, but these messages, I am afraid, offer small consolation to the fathers and mothers and relatives of those who have fallen, or who are missing. It was with exceeding great regret that we learned that your son was among the missing. Orren was always bright and cheerful and was an encouragement to the other men. He was never out of sorts but always cheerful under the most adverse conditions. Although he is marked missing I cannot hold out any hope that he is alive. He was in a platoon with a son of a cousin of mine, Lieut. Lennox, and who is a fine boy also. They are missing together. I have only one message for you, namely, that I am afraid they are both killed, but there is a possibility that they have been wounded and are prisoners, but I am afraid that we shall never see the boys again. Orren carried on in a manner that reflected great credit on him, and on the unit to which he belonged. He was popular in the Battalion, and his loss will be keenly felt. On behalf of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the Battalion I desire to convey to you our sincere sympathy in your loss. Please convey to all friends and members of the family our regret at the loss of such a splendid soldier. We hope that you will take comfort and solace in the consciousness that if he has died, he did his full duty to his King and Country, and his loss should be an inspiration to those who come after. "
for the Ramara Historical Society
Sgt Frederick John Stillman MM 18/07/1896 - 15/08/1917
He enlisted in the 21st Bn, in Kingston, 05/11/1914.
It had been working in Longford Mills as a clerk, his name was listed in the Longford United Church honour roll in 1921.
Born in Campbellford, Seymour, Twp. a son of John Stillman & Jennie Millar.
Pte Stillman was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field, his Citation reads:
" for conspicuous bravery and devotation to duty during operations at St. Eloi, from 05/04 to 10/04/1916, by holding an advanced position in front of No. 6 Crater continuously without receiving food, water or ammununition. Pte. Stillman, with five others, having gathered during hours of darkness, the rations, water, and ammunition supply from dead bodies in the vicinity. They wiped out an enemy bombing party of thirty men (two only escaping) who attacked their position. They captured enemy's machine gun grew of three, handing same over to Sgt. of the 31st Bn. They captured enemy scout sent to reconnoiter our position, handing him, over to the 19th Bn. They were subject to an almost continuous and intense enemy bombardment. Then relieved, so exhausted were they, they had to assited out of the line. These men were temporarily attached to the 6th Brigade Machine Gun Company."
Over the folowing 12 months, he was promoted several times, in 05/1917, he was promoted to rank of Sergeant. He was KiA in the attack at Hill 70.
for the Ramara Historical Society
Pte Robert George Gowanlock 18/08/1917
He enlisted 07/08/1915, in the 34th Bn.
He was single, a Farmer.
Born in Saugeen Township, in Bruce County, in 1886, a son of Andrew Gowanlock & Elizabeth Laidlaw.
He went overseas in the fall of 1915, and wounded in 1916, he also had trench fever, but recovered and joined the tunneling coy.
Robert was KiA in the trenches at Loos, France.
He was survived by three brothers, Wm. T. in Uhthoff, James in the 116th Bn, and Douglas in Atherley, and one sister Mrs. Ross, in Toronto.
His brother James was also killed in action, just 6 days later and is buried in Aix Noulette Com. Cem. Extention.
His name is listed on the Mara Cenotaph, located in front of the Brechin Legion, 4th Concession, Brechin.
for the Ramara Historical Society
Pte Alphonse Patrick Kelly 15/02/1896 - 18/11/1916
He enlisted in Toronto, 30/07/1915.
He was single, a shipper at Wicketts in Toronto.
Born in Mara, (Brechin), son of Patrick Kelly & Catherine O’Donnell.
Alphonse was killed by a sniper in Somme.
He had three brothers also serving in the CEF.
for the Ramara Historical Society
Pte Thomas Carrick 19/08/1917 aged 17
He enlisted into the 182nd (Ontario County) Bn, 14/04/1916, the Attestation Papers indicate he was 18, & records his birthday as 06/11/1897, however the Ontario Birth registry documents indicate he was born 06/01/1900, in Rama.
He was the son of John Thomas Carrick & Jessie McGregor.
Thomas was KiA while with the 3rd Bn, in the Battle of Hill 70.
His brother Nathan Carrick also served overseas.
for the Ramara Historical Society
Pte Percy Edwards 15/09/1916
He enlisted in the 157(Simcoe Foresters), 26/01/1916, along with his twin brother Roy, he was later transferred to the 76th, then to the 21st.
He was single, 19, a Mill Setter, living in Orillia.
Born in Washago, in 1896, he was raised in Rama, (Longford), Front Range, lot 23, a son of Edward Edwards & Alice Lina Howe.
While with the 21st Battalion, Percy was KiA in the Battle of Flers-Courcelette, (first use of tanks).
A Plaque in St. Paul's Church, Washago, reads: 'To the Glory of God and in proud and loving memory of Percy Edwards, Roy Hawkins, Albert Rennie who laid down their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918. Their names shall live forevermore'
for the Ramara Historical Society
Pte Lawrence leland Stephenson 24/09/1916 aged 31
L/Cpl Frederick Ivanhoe Taylor 15/09/1916 aged 25
Pte George Francis Else 09/05/1917
Lt Ralph Guest 18/11/1916
Pte William Stanley Burton 23/08/1917
He was born in Frome, Somerset on 18/05/1887.
He was the elder son of William and Katie Burton and, following their separation, his mother moved to Leominster, Herefordshire where she became the proprietor of The Talbot Hotel.
It was from here that William joined Ellesmere College in January 1901, being allocated to the ‘Edward’dormitory.
When he arrived at Ellesmere, there were one hundred and ninety one pupils on the nominal roll and he was placed in Form Upper IV, under the guidance of Mr. Rodgers.
William stayed at Ellesmere for three years, leaving in December 1903; he took a full and active part in college life during that time.
He played cricket and rugby for both the college and his dormitory teams, being awarded his full Colours in both sports, and he further demonstrated his skill in the swimming pool in the 1902 Sports.
He was elected a member of the Games Committee but still found time to enjoy a role in the 1903 Shakespearian production of “The Merchant of Venice”.
In the classroom, he passed his Senior Oxford Local Examinations.
In his last year, he was appointed Prefect and,like almost all members of college, he was a member of the Officer Training Corps, being promoted Sergeant in his pen-ultimate term.
He was awarded his shooting proficiency certificate in 1902 – he was rated ‘very good’.
On leaving Ellesmere in December 1903, he returned to Leominster and joined a firm of auctioneers and he saw service during this time with the 2nd Battalion (Territorial Force), the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry.
Emigration records of the time show that William embarked on the ss Tunisianin August 1913, bound for a new life in Canada.
On his Attestation Papers, he indicated that he was still single and farmed at Lake McGregor, Alta.
On 08/05/1916, William enlisted as Private Burton, Service No. 228335 in the 13th Regiment, the Canadian Mounted Rifles at Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada and by July of that year he had arrived at the Canadian Base Depot at Shorncliffe, England.
Some six weeks later he was posted ‘overseas’.
His service records reveal that he suffered vision problems, necessitating his admission to the No. 9 Canadian Field Ambulance for some hospital treatment in the spring of 1917 for a few days.
However, a month later he was admitted to the No.1 Canadian General Hospital at Etaples suffering problems with his right shoulder – this necessitated a further week long stay in hospital.
He was wounded at Vimy Ridge, near Lens, and died on 23rd August 1917.
In a letter to his mother, Captain McCallum said:
“I am sure it will be a comfort to know that we all held your son in high regard and esteem.
He was one of the very best men in the company and his conduct was always an example to all ranks.
We knew his worth, and the memory of his work will help us to ‘carry on’ in his footsteps”.
for John Harvey and ‘The Ellesmerian Club
Pte Achiel Mourant 24/08/1917
The son of Aloys and Irma Marie (nee Dekimpe), he was born in Lauwe, Belgium on 18/10/1896.
He was KiA in Lens.
Achiel is commemorated on the Lauwe cenotaph.
His cousin, Lules Mourant was a Belgian interpreter attended to British troops in France.
for his cousin twice removed Jackie Maes

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