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le 17/04/2017 11:42

Thank you for posting the photos of my Great Uncle HAROLD CLIFFORD KERR 92956. I've had an interesting week this 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge. I found my Great Uncle's ID tag online on a forum and the man who found it is returning it to me. Simply amazing. Thank you for your work on this site. "They live on if we speak their names.....".
le 12/04/2017 22:31

Hi My Great Great Grandad is buried in SEBOURG Communal Cemetery,
United Kingdom Rifleman Rifle Brigade Secondary London Regt (London Rifle Brigade) Secondary posted to 1st Bn. Date of Death: 05/11/1918 Service No: 45242 A. 18
I have been to see his grave once and plan on heading back in the next couple of years to take my son so I can show the next generation what our family fought for.
On the website there is a photo of the grave which is great, however it also states that it was taken by his son Alex Martin. I am hoping Alex or some of his family see this as I would like to make contact if possible as my family are unaware of anybody as a relationship.

Fingers Crossed somebody see's this and gets back in touch

Thanks in Advance
le 12/04/2017 01:12

Cindy. regards to your message. Walter Tillcock was my great grandfather. could you please contact me. thanks in advance.
le 11/04/2017 15:48

I've just discovered your site and read so much of it with great interest. I can only say thank you for undertaking such an important project. My grandfather is buried in Tincourt New Cemetery. He was Pte John Edward Sands SD/1615. Royal Sussex Regiment. He enlisted 1914 in what was called Lowthers Lambs in 12th Royal Sussex and eventually sent to France in early/mid 1916. He subsequently moved to the 8th and then the 7th Royal Sussex where died of his wounds at 55 Clearing Station on 26 Nov. 1917. two months after his 22nd birthday. I have a photo of him with his original company if you would like it. I would also, if possible like a photo of his headstone. Thank you again for a wonderful site.
le 10/04/2017 13:20

Thank you Pierre for taking the time to send me a photo of Joseph Costello's grave and adding his tribute .
le 09/04/2017 19:01

The previous message regarding Harold W Cochran's burial site should have read IV B 14, not NB 14. Sorry.
le 09/04/2017 18:54

Hello, thank you for this site. My double first cousin, once removed is buried at Bucquoy Rd. p
Pte Harold W. Cochran, 3180506, site N.B. 14. I am eagerly awaiting a picture of his gravestone which I have recently requested from another site. Enjoying your page. I have a photo of him which I am attempting to attach to the cemetery site.
le 06/04/2017 20:01

Hi my father in law only found out after the death of his mother that his biological father had died in Ww2 before he was born. We now know that he is buried at gosselies communal cemenrty and would love a photo of the grave before we come and visit can you help ? His name is Joseph Costello died 04/07/1943 aged 22 row 1 grave 47 thanks Mandy
le 01/04/2017 15:49

Dear Pierre,
What a lot of hard work has gone into your wonderful site. I can see it must be a labour of love for you. Thank you.
le 31/03/2017 12:52

Hi Pierre
Visited today, just to say thank you again for all you do. I visited George Morrison's grave ETERPIGNY in March 2016, staying 3 nights in Lille. I laid some soil from his home in Whitehills. I also visited other sites relating to Portknockie War Memorial.Everything is only a moment away.
Best regards
Cy Pirie
le 31/03/2017 12:48

Hi Pierre
Visited today, just to say thank you again for all you do. I visited George Morrison's grave in March 2016, staying 3 nights in Lille. I laid some soil from his home in Whitehills. I also visited other sites relating to Portknockie War Memorial.Everything is only a moment away.
Best regards
Cy Pirie
le 30/03/2017 15:38

My great grandad is buried at Montcornet Military Cemetry - Thomas Old. He was killed in action 25th September 1914, Cameron Highlanders regiment. He was only 33 years old and my grandad was just a baby when they received the news. My grandad made it his mission to find out where he was buried and twenty odd years later his name was put on the grave. Sadly my great granny died before she ever found out where her husband was buried. Please can you email me a picture of his grave. Myself and my mum would love to come to the cemetry and visit his grave as no one has been there since he died but we are unsure how to get there. We live in Scotland but one day I am sure we will visit. My grandad has passed away now too, but my mum still has a collection of letters that my great grandad wrote to his wife while he was waiting to go out to battle. Thank you
le 30/03/2017 14:28

Great website. So much information
le 25/03/2017 22:30

Hi there amazing site my great grandfather private George Brown 7425 killed 1/09/1914 Royal inniskilling Fusiliers from co Derry but signed up in Glasgow . The village verberie was the scene of fighting 11 kilometeres south west of Compiegneon the main road to senlis and Paris. I wonder are there any relatives out there I wonder ?

Please could I get a picture emailed to me of his grave I would appreciate that.

Thank you
le 21/03/2017 01:19

Would the gentleman named Jim please contact me as I have personal items of his grandfather Walter Tillcock.
le 16/03/2017 15:53

Hi, Many thanks for your hard work on this site!
Can you tell me how to find out more information on my great uncle THRELKELD J W
United Kingdom Private 281145 Lancashire Fusiliers 16/03/1918 XXXII. B. 15.
I have not found much on Ancestry, is thier anywhere else i can try?

Kind regards

le 15/03/2017 17:57

Excusez moi mais mon Anglais n'est pas trs bon J'ai vu sur la photo de mon oncle Arthur Pelham Webb que vous me demandiez de vous contacter
Voici mes coordonnes
Mme Liliane Boulet
le 09/03/2017 20:19

Thank you for your excellent homepage.

I have in centuries and years taken an interest in WW1, and especial for the battlefield, warfare and the inhuman sacrifices of lives at the Vest Front.
I have, over years, visit almost every front line from Verdun to Ostende, and naturally also an unbelievable great part of the Memorial Cemetery.

On a visit at Passendale Memorial in the summer 1987, with my wife, we had attention on a gravestone, at the Memorial entrance first row.
That was going straight to our hearts.

AGE 19


I have through the years, at several time, visit Passendale Memorial Cemetery.
I cant let him out of memory, though he is "just" one of many soldiers on the field.

This homepage description is military, but is it possible to find more information of his private life ?.
It would please me to get knowledge to it.

When my wife, at 2007, died, I have with Danish words, let graving on our gravestone, the words from Harold Paynes gravestone.

I promise myself, and my wife, to visit Passendale Memorial this year : 2017, 2 November, 12:00 oclock, in memory of the 100 years-day of Harold Paynes death.

It might be the last time in my life.

How peculiar that a soldiers destiny, can have such an influence, on to him, unknown human.

It was only occasional, 30 years ago, we attention his gravestone.
If it was occasional.
Only God, and maybe Harold Payne, knows.

Excuses for my incorrect English.

Ishoej Denmark 9 Marts 2017

Yours sincerely Preben Nielsen
le 06/03/2017 11:43

Just been looking at your pictures and details on Essex farm. I have a relative buried there, Alfred Beal. I visited last year. I you have time, would like to copies of the two black and white photos on the exxes farm page showing the old dugouts.

Thank you
le 04/03/2017 21:15

My great Grandmother's first husband is buried at Pond Farm his name is David Donovan Died 11/02/1917 Leaving her and his young son Harry Donovan who was also killed 02/12/1940 at sea during WW2.
le 03/03/2017 00:25

hi, I have a come across some of photos of lost bomber crew shot down during the war

Lancaster Mk3 ND790 (KO-H)

William Arthur Horace Fountain (68301597)
Service No: 132839
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Flying Officer (Navigator)
Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Unit:115 Squadron.
Date of Death: 08/06/1944
Age: 30

Sydney Frederick Francis (68301598)
Service No: 54718
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Pilot Officer (Pilot)
Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force
Unit:115 Squadron.
Date of Death: 08/06/1944
Age: 26

George Edwin Hitchcock (68301604)
Service No: R/ 146998
Nationality: Canadian
Rank: Flight Sergeant (Air Bomber)
Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force
Unit:115 Squadron.
Date of Death: 08/06/1944
Age: 23

Henry Joseph Lawrence Lane (68301606)
Service No: 1853600
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Sergeant (Air Gunner.)
Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Unit:115 Squadron.
Date of Death: 08/06/1944
Age: 22

Halvar Leo Fred Moller (68301610)
Service No: J/92035
Nationality: Canadian
Rank: Pilot Officer (Air Gunner.)
Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force
Unit:115 Squadron.
Date of Death: 08/06/1944
Age: 34

Albert Sellick (68301616)
Service No: 1177392
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Sergeant (Flight. Engineer.)
Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Unit:115 Squadron.
Date of Death: 08/06/1944
Age: Unknown

Albert Wharton (68301622)
Service No: 1610054
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Sergeant (Wireless. Operator)
Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Unit:115 Squadron.
Date of Death: 08/06/1944
Age: 23

115 Squadron flying out of Witchford Cambridgeshire,
Lancaster mk3 ND790 (KO-H),
Mission to Chervreusse France,
1 of 6 Lancaster shot down that night from 115 Squadron by night fighters,
shot Down near Houdan France 00.34 hrs 7/8th June 1944,
if you would be interested I'd be more then happy to forward them to you.

kind regards Colin Jarrold
le 28/02/2017 09:25

United Kingdom Rifleman S/20668Rifle Brigade28/05/1918
My great grandfather and great grandfather to many. Thankyou for creating this page.
le 27/02/2017 21:20

In memory of my Great Grandad. Private 13423 George Robert White of the 10th West Yorkshire Regiment. George died a hero at Fricourt on 1st July1916. He will never be forgotten. Thanks to Pierre Vandervelden his memory will live on. I visited Dantzig Alley last year on the 100th Anniversary of his death. What a sobering and spiritual time.
Thanks for everything you are doing.
le 25/02/2017 16:04

I shall be visiting the Hermies Hill graves this year. My uncle -TAYLOR R E Private 41475 Royal Berkshire Regiment 03/12/1917 TI. B.3, was killed during the retreat from the first Battle of Cambrai. I have found your web site extremely helpful. Thank you
le 20/02/2017 20:50

Trying to reach Margaret (United States) last on here 2013. Margaret is originally from Northumberland, England and is the daughter of William Edward Brennen dod 05.08.1944 buried in Ryes War Cemetery, Bazenville, FRA. William was the half brother of my father. I would so like to hear from you.
le 18/02/2017 20:45

In loving memory of Frederick Barber cousin of my mother in law, killed at le paridis 27/5/40. Along with 96 other members of Norfolk Regiment. RIP.
le 18/02/2017 13:45

I have been passed information on 2/Lieut SIDNEY FREDERICK BOULTER of 25th London Cyclists regt who died aged 21 on 18.2.1917 (100 years ago today) on the Somme. He was my grandmother's brother.
I have his photo, and a memorial placque, and a booklet assembled by his parents to show friends, what his officer and others said of him. Would you like a copy?
le 13/02/2017 18:00

After extensive research today using various different sources I finally find the resting place of Pte Albert Edwin Hardiman 18964, Age 19, of Melbury Abbas, Dorset, of the 1st Batt Dorsetshire Regiment. Another leaf complete on my family tree.
I thank you for all the time and effort you have all taken in producing this website it is a credit to you all. One day I hope to visit this grave and others I am related to.
le 13/02/2017 16:45

in memory of my great uncle
L/CPL JOHN Y MARSHSALL 11th BN HLI laid to rest 17/02/1916
le 12/02/2017 20:22

United Kingdom Private 17367 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry died Houplines 06/12/1915 Age: 29 and buried in Cite Bon Jean cemetery in grave IX. D. 88.

I have now located a photograph of my relative which I forward to update your records:
le 06/02/2017 03:58

Hi I've noticed an error in the list of casualties in ORCHARD Dump Cemetery. It was also found on CWG Web site too but has been corrected. It's for Pvt Samuel George Owen. His name is actually LEMUEL GEORGE OWEN and he was my great uncle. Thank you.

Webmaster's reply : Hi Gail, this is corrected on line.
le 03/02/2017 22:18

In memory of my mother's uncle -Ernest John Kellaway whose grave lies in Ballieul East Cemetry. He died of his wounds on Nov 3rd 1917 aged 20 , his parent's only son he was a rifleman in The 18th London Regiment (Irish Rifles). I have just started to look into my family history and have very little information other than this if anyone can offer any additional details I'd be most grateful.
Thank you for the lovely site. It is heartening that after so many years so many people are reaching out to relatives they never knew with gratitude for their sacrifice and love across the generations
le 31/01/2017 13:54

The photo of the headstone for F/Lt John Patrick Trench next to his profile photo is not his,you have added F/Lt Selman`s by mistake.

Webmaster's reply : Hi, This is the right grave stone, this is a collecting grave with their two names on.
le 29/01/2017 22:26

Hi I wondered if you have a picture of Percy Beever grave buried at Pornic War Cemetery Thank you
le 25/01/2017 19:45

in remembrance of Thomas Mulgrew, and his mother Janet; who lost three sons (that i know of), her brother and her husband to the war.
le 23/01/2017 06:21

In memory of my great uncle John Charles Arthurell who died aged 21 and I'd buried in Rolincourt
le 22/01/2017 12:31

My wife and I are currently n a Pilgrimage to say "thank you" to all servicemen and women who fell in the great war and are commemorated or buried in France and Belgium. I have found your site most useful when researching specific graves. Thank you

Steve & Nancy Binks
le 18/01/2017 01:39

My great uncle Norman Millward sapper army no. 72 was injured on 28th May 1915 and was taken to Casualty Clearing Station 8 where he died of wounds on the 29th May 1915. He was buried in the extension at Nord. Grave no. LB63
Does anyone know if it is possible to get a picture of his grave
le 05/01/2017 14:46

Hi. Having seen the reference to gunner John William Finney, left by Moira Crowther, I wonder if any other details are available. I ask as my Uncle's father, Gunner Arthur Buswell, served with the 230th Siege Battery and was killed on the same day - 2nd August, 1917
le 01/01/2017 23:13

Hi i am currently doing my family tree and someone on my tree, Sidney Rogers, who's number is 20822 was killed on the first day of the Somme. He is buried in the Mamet cemetery. Is there anyway I could get a picture of his grave?
le 17/12/2016 10:03

Message to MIKE B regarding Pvt Francis Shortland from Northamptonshire, died in Flanders in 1917: this gentleman was my first cousin three times removed, and I am currently conducting research into this branch of my family. Are you looking for details of his family, or are you just interested in the military action which led to his death?
I'd be happy to share my family information with you, if it would help.
Kind regards
Bronwyn Grannall
le 07/12/2016 17:30

Thank you for keeping this site. My grandfather was the first Canadian killed on active duty in France in WWII - Sgt Donald G Hutt. My mother and aunt were very young when he was killed. Our family members have visited his grave several times over the years and have always been greeted with kindness and respect by the local people. Lest we forget.
le 28/11/2016 11:02

in War illustrated vol 10 no 248 you will You will find a photo of F/sgt H Harwood died 8 /3 1943 in roll of honour
le 26/11/2016 09:26

in memory of my father,s first cousin william burns 7719 killed 26 august
le 25/11/2016 08:16

In September 2001 I, together with my wife and adult daughters, visited the WWI cemetery in Awoingt to honour my cousin Richard Atkinson of the Shropshire Light Infantry and who died from his wounds on the last day of the War, aged 19. We placed flowers on his grave and each said a silent prayer for him. Each year on the anniversary of his death and the end of the Great War we remember him and his parents, who lost their only surviving child on his death.
le 21/11/2016 20:00

Thank you so much for your work. I am going to be visiting my uncle's war grave in Bovelles France. You have a photo of the grave on here. Sadly he is the only soldier in the Cemetery in Bovelles
le 17/11/2016 16:11

Good afternoon.
May I ask you a question; I am writing a book about the bombing of our village Roden, in the north of the Netherlands. It was on october 24 1941.
Aircraft; Wellington W5704. Crew; Gray, Austin, Whitton, Tomlinson, Gill and Cox. Till now I have three menbers located.; Gray, Austin and Whitton. I hope that Samuel Cox, 869313 and Adrian Harold Cooper Gill, nr. 404024, who were in the 214 sqdn. have served in the 57 on Feltwell.
In the reports of the RAF I cannot find the names of Cox and Gill after october 1941. Did they go to the 214?? I also cannot find Tomlinson. Could anybody please help me? I would be very grateful for that. Yours sincerely. Tjerk Karsijns, Roden Netherlands. If you google my name or bom Roden you can find a lot. I jyly this year a not exploded bomb was found in our village.
le 14/11/2016 16:23

In loving memory of my granddad George Albert James Barwick from the Royal Norfolk regiment 1st Battalion. Who passed away in April 1945, age 27. Buried in Brussels. Leaving one son, always in my heart, everydayxxx
le 13/11/2016 18:47

In loving memory of my grandfather after whom I am named. Killed in Oct 1914
I am planning to visit on the aniversary of his death in 2018 with my two sons his great grandsons who I feel he would be immensely proud

Rest in peace
le 13/11/2016 18:25

In memory of my Great Uncle Richard Jones died aged 19 years old belonging to The Kings Liverpool Regiment. Rest in Peace.
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