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le 27/05/2016 à 19:53


on this day remembering William George loane of 2nd Norfolk regt died among the 95 men of la paradis massacre.
and those of the royal scots 27th may 1940

United Kingdom Corporal Royal Norfolk Regiment 2nd Bn. Date of Death: between 24/05/1940 and 27/05/1940 Service No: 5768812 1.C.
le 02/05/2016 à 18:30

Thank you for your wonderful site. My Granduncle Patrick Commons 17138 was killed in WW1 on 8th Oct 1918.and is buried in Bellicourt Cemetary. No of grave is 11 p3. His sister my Grannie cried for days after she heard the news.He was only 32.I would be very greatful if you could send me a photo of him if you have one and a picture of his grave. May they all Rest Forever in Gods Peace
le 27/04/2016 à 10:01

My uncle is buried in the cemetery Douglas Mundy I was named after him. My dad his brother has visited the grave before he passed away, something he had always wanted to do. I intend to do the samewithin the next 6months something I have always wanted to do.
I can only thank the village for the way they look after the graves. I hope, when I go I can thank them personally.
le 25/04/2016 à 23:12

Thinking of my great uncle, Nathaniel Gallager, died April 30, 1917, buried Strand Military Cemetery, Plat 1 Row B.
May you eternally rest in peace. You would have been so proud of your daughter, and grand children. Although we never knew you, we heard lots of stories. My Mother was named after you, and my middle son is a splitting image of the photos of you.
le 25/04/2016 à 10:44

My Great Grandfather Pte William James Garnish of the 10th Battalion AIF.
Died 3-6-1918 in Merris, France. Buried Borre Cemetery.
Such a story, your boys would have loved to have heard it.
le 25/04/2016 à 02:02

My late mother would have loved to have seen these images of her Uncle Ernest Serls.He was always loved and remembered by his family.Thank you
le 24/04/2016 à 15:05

My Great Uncle George is buried at the Huts Cemetery, I see you have his picture on your site. I assume you found his picture in the visitors book at the cemetery, my father and I visited in 2011, we will be back in Oct 2017. Thanks for adding to your site
All the best
Martin Harley
le 17/04/2016 à 13:29

Lemuel Mervyn Stevenson 3216. Was Dad's Uncle. Thankyou. I havea photo of him and his grave.
le 08/04/2016 à 11:03

My uncle Robert John James is buried at West kapel. He was inthe 1st bat Welsh Guards fighting the rear guard action at Dunkirk. We have visited the grave some years ago. We would like to know more about the battle which was in the grounds of a chateau we believe.
He left 2 little girls and a wife who was pregnant.
Is it possible to find out more about the battle
le 29/03/2016 à 17:22


great website! Whilst researching for Preston remembers into John Bradley 10511 Loyal North Lancs Regt killed 14/09/1914 I found him on your site but his name is spelled BRADLY, not your fault as it it spelled this way on the CWGC site also so it took some finding. Just wanted to let you know in case someone was looking for him.
le 26/03/2016 à 15:49

Great grandad Samual kinder R.I.P love Ray, Claire & Lewis
le 17/03/2016 à 00:38

hi, my grandfather is buried in grave 12 in Chercq churchyard. Lancashire fusilier c r magill. I hope to visit one day. but would it be possible to send me a photo of the grave, I cant get a good angle on the graves already published
regards w.wilkinson
le 14/03/2016 à 01:48

I just saw my Fathers name & a few particulars concerning him. I, from, the bottom of my heart to the top of it, need to THANK You so much for adding his name to your list. I was 9 yrs. old when he died, so know very little about him. My siblings & myself lived in an orphanage here in Chatham Ont. Canada & not much contact with anyone in those days. I have friends that live in Bruggs near the cemetery in Adegem, their names are Margareite & Wilfreid Moore & they are so kind to take care of my Fathers gravesite as well they go to France & & also take care of my grandfather,s gravesite in Baeuiel France, he was my Fathers Father & died in WW1 on December 8, 1915. It is through the generous heart & soul that so many SOLDIERS are remembered by people like yourselves., Thank You from myself & my family, many Blessings always
le 11/03/2016 à 20:44

I just googled my uncles name John Eastern Sharpley & the place he was buried -vouzon communal cemetery, & your site came up, with a photo of his grave.... It was very poignant as I have spent the afternoon with my parents looking through the original documentation, and letters from the French family ( matolet domaine-du-puy vouzon ) who found my injured uncle after the Lancaster bomber crashed & kept him safe till he died. The Germans let the village people give him a funeral & 200 people attended . We have an original photo of the grave so to see the modern grave has been interesting. Thank you very much Aly
le 10/03/2016 à 12:48

Hello Pierre

I have just volunteered to do some research for Northumbria War Project, which remembers all the local men who died during WW1. I have just found your site regarding Mons (Bergen) Communal Cemetery which is where one of my named soldiers is buried. Private 34823 John William Douglas serving with the Northumberland Fusiliers died 26 March 1918 You have published photos of the Communal Cemetery

I am writing to enquire whether you have a photo of Grave VIII E.4 which is where John William Douglas is buried, and if you would allow the photo to be reused on the Northumbria War Project site in the future, once my research has been double checked?

Obviously when I hand my research in, I would like to mention your site and whoever had taken the original photo so could you please send me those details too.

Thank you so much for a wonderful site.
I look forward to hearing from you.

le 09/03/2016 à 16:23

Thanks so much for your wonderful site.
So interesting.
I found the name of my fathers's uncle'' Edward walter'' Mofflin who died of wounds in july 1916 and buried in the estaires communal cemetery.

Nadine from FRANCE
le 05/03/2016 à 18:27

Hi how do I email you looking for a bigger photo of Sgt j.w windiate and his name and to see what happened to him as stuck on family tree
le 01/03/2016 à 10:08

Thank you for this site. My great uncle Clarence Gribble from Wandiligong, Victoria, died on 5th April, 1918, and is buried at the Frenchencourt Cemetery in France.
le 28/02/2016 à 00:07

My Grand Father Tom Ireland is buried at Dernancourt Cemetery he died on 11 Sept 1918 .I have visited Dernancourt and met the Mayor lovely village shown great hospitality graves immaculately kept . Tom Ireland was a machine gunner in the 2nd Life Guards . His sacrifice never forgotten by me and also the villagers of Dernancourt do not forget and teach all the children of the village of the soldiers bravery and sacrifice .I plan to return on 11 November 2018 .
le 27/02/2016 à 10:15

Sapper Reginald Wright, 106393, 227th Field Company, Royal Engineers, my grandfather died 28th March 1918 when my father was aged 4 years old. He is remembered by my generation and this will continue with his great grandsons (Mark & Simon Wright) when we visit Heath Cemetery on the 28th March 2016 to mark the 98th Anniversary of his death.
I never knew my grandfather but my father was my hero and so is he.My wife and I have visited many times and we will continue to do so. Heath Cemetery is a credit to the CWGC and reflects the true feelings of compassion shown by everyone who cares and retains the memory of the fallen.
le 20/02/2016 à 06:24

Alfred Swanson who was 37 when he was Killed in action and buried in Belgium in the Torreken Farm Cemetery, was sadly missed by all those who loved him including his mother, his wife Ellen, and children Charles, George, Hazel and Ellen (his youngest daughter). His future grandchildren wished they could have known their grandad and all pray for all wars to end, and the world to be in peace.
le 10/02/2016 à 21:28

Please remember William Catterall I visited his grave at Dickebush 20 yrs ago. I found the Cemetry beautiful and peaceful. A young soldier of The. Border Regiment. Died 18th July 1917. Rest in Peace,
le 08/02/2016 à 08:45

Thank you making sure that people rember my late uncle 20743 valentine James Anderson 7/4/1916 aged 21 ada and James Anderson was his parents in loving memory of you your great nephew Mike buckless rest in peace xxxxx
le 07/02/2016 à 13:26

I am looking for a picture of Edward Arthur Chipp-Smith 1917-1944.

Buried at British cemetery Bayeux France Grave Memorial Ref. I. F. 4.
Occupation​Soldier Served with the 61st field regiment
​Gunner Regiment Royal Artillery Soldier Number 5624371

Related ​Uncle
le 03/02/2016 à 17:25

I am researching Gerald Ernest Lea killed in September 1914 at the battle of Aisne. I will upload a photo onto the site.
le 28/01/2016 à 20:11

IN memory of my great uncle Private Alfred Howlett killed in ww1 at Guizancourt from Retford if any one has any info or pics much appreciated.I know he was killed on 5th oct 1918 or thereabouts and had served for three years in Sherwood foresters notts and derby.
le 25/01/2016 à 13:42

Hello. I thought i would repost this in the hopes that i can get in touch with Des Brady. He has a medal that was my great grandfathers and i would love to see a picture of it. Here is my original post. If someone Knows Des maybe they can forward this to him.

I have just discovered this site through a new and wonderful friend. He pointed out a post by Des Brady, where he says he has a WW1 medal that belonged to John Treacy. John Treacy was my great grandfather. If i can get in touch with Des Brady i would so appreciate that! God bless all those wonderful men who served our countries so valiantly.
le 23/01/2016 à 10:37

In memory of Fredrick Essam Bailey of the Prince ofWales own West Riding regiment 21st battalion killed in action 30-9-17 aged 26 .how glad to fined you at long last grandad.
le 20/01/2016 à 18:16

Je suis enseignant en école primaire et pour honorer la mémoire de ceux qui sont morts pour notre Liberté je travaille avec mes élèves sur les pilotes tombés sur le périmètre de nos écoles Blargies Abancourt. A cette heure nous travaillons sur un P51 tombé à Moliens ? Blargies ? Abancourt ? Je travaille donc sur WALL. Si vous avez des informations supplémentaires sur ce pilote, nous serions très heureux si vous acceptiez de les transmettre. Je ne désespère pas de retrouver le point d'impact. Cordialement
le 19/01/2016 à 22:14

Hi, any information on walter Hobby who was one of the 17 casualities buried in the ANNEZIN communal cemetery pas de Calais france would be greatly appreciated.
thankyou very much
le 12/01/2016 à 21:23

I just discovered this site tonight, 12th jan 2016, as I was just sorting old photos on my desktop. My dad was Royal air force along north coast of Northern Ireland at one time, before going to Italy. One one particular photo he had of his friends, one was called, Alec Recina, and my dad had written canadian killed in plane. So tonight, I just for curiousity browsed the web and discovered Alec's headstone on one of these photos. If ANYONE wants a photo, just let me know please. God bless you all.
le 12/01/2016 à 09:10

Cheshire County Memorial Project is writing a Roll of Honour to all the men from Cheshire who fell in the Great War, the Roll currently stands on just over 20,000 names, we are now researching every name and writing a biopic on each one, later this year we hope to launch the Cheshire County Memorial Roll website.

If anyone has information on any of the men from Cheshire who fell we would like to hear from you.

Contact via our Facebook page, Cheshire County Memorial Project or email cheshirecountymemorialproject( at sign)gmail.com

Thank you
le 09/01/2016 à 12:58

My uncle James Nesbitt was a pilot with 101 Squadron Royal Air Force. He and his crew are buried her after their Wellington 111 bomber was shot down.
My two sons and myself intend to visit his grave in March of this year (2016).
We will be the first members of the family to come here.
Thank you all so much for looking after these graves. Such memories mean a lot.
le 07/01/2016 à 16:22

Is there any record of a photograph of John Francis Viscount, who died October 30, 1915, while on the hospital ship Valdivia to britain from Galipoli, age 20 years, enlisted in Dunville, Nfld., 1st Battalion, son of John and M.R. Viscount. I understand that the Newfoundland Regiment landed in Galipoli on September 30, 1915 - he would have died within the month, likely buried at sea, noted on the memorial at Beaumont Hamel. Thank you. It is a result of my brother, Robert Viscount, that John's name was added to the Book of Memories, page 126, on Parliament Hill and though he has a copy of the page, I would like to be able to show him a photograph, if one exists.. Thank you.
le 05/01/2016 à 23:01

Hello Pierre

I contribute to a non-commercial website Yorkshire Regiment WW1 which is dedicated to remembering something of the men who died during WW1 whilst serving with the Yorkshire Regiment. You have published a photograph of Tours (La Salle) Communal Cemetery where Pte Bernard Walker of the Yorkshire Regiment is buried.

I am writing to enquire whether you will allow the photo to be reused on the Yorkshires site and email me a larger copy of it? Naturally, the owner of the image will be credited and a link provided to you site if you wish.

I look forward to hearing from you.

le 04/01/2016 à 01:21

Lieutenant in Royal Welch Fusiliers Died 18/7/1944 aged 21
Peter Walker had played rugby for England against Wales in a Services International at Gloucester on April 8, 1944, just 101 days before his death.
He played for Gloucester/Army/Barbarians and Oxford University 1941 and 1942. He was born in Upton upon Severn 2/10/1923.
le 01/01/2016 à 20:25

2015 I went to mont des cats cemetery were my dad's brother has been from 1940.It made me happy and sad happy to have made it but sad I can not tell my dad. I am hoping to go back one more time in August with most of my family because I still can.rest in peace uncle Fred.Fredrick Thomas Holder from Bosham sussex England.
le 22/12/2015 à 17:15

Pierre - This is my only way to reach you, mysteriously your server is suddenly rejecting my emails as spam. I want to thank you for the photos you sent of my grandfather's grave (Pvt. Marmaduke Frank Richards, Royal Welsh Fusiliers). I definitely plan to visit myself someday. Also, my dad would have been so moved to see these photos of his father's final resting place. Thanks for your tremendous work on this website. The stories and photos are very meaningful (I also saw the story about your family).
le 21/12/2015 à 20:38

Thank you for this site. My grandfather Alfred William Charles is buried here. Along with Amos Solomon,19, both were KIA with 295th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, at Armagh Wood on the afternoon of 26/9/1917, known as the Battle of Polygon Wood. Alfred went out under fire, as a signaller, to repair some telephone wires when he was hit by a shell and killed instantly. He was 35, a postman from Hull in England. His battery had only landed at Le Havre at the end of March 1917, and were positioned NW of Armienteres before moving to the Ypres Salient.
Lest we forget.
le 14/12/2015 à 22:28

Researching family members who fought and died in ww1 found Private Phillip Payne, York and Lancaster Reg. Brother of my maternal great grandmother, he rests in the Hergies Communal Cemetery - the only casualty buried there. Good to see that he has not been forgotten. Thank you.
le 09/12/2015 à 17:56

On 06.12.2015 when visiting grave (1X.D.88) of our relative Alfred Hewitt who was killed exactly a century earlier on 06.12.1915 we had a spare remembrance cross.
On noticing the nearby grave (1X.D.52) of Private 35009 W J Hodges, Royal Field Artillery we left a cross in his honour and in his name since he was also killed on the same day as our relative. Should a relative of W J Hodges read this entry we would be pleased to send them a photograph of his grave.
le 08/12/2015 à 20:51

Following your invaluable help my son Martin & I were able to visit my Great Uncles grave. Private Alfred Hewitt was killed in Houplines on 6 December 1915 and we visited on the exact centenary of his death on 6 December 2015 to pay our respects and represent his widow Beatrice who died in 1954 having never being able to visit her husbands grave.
Thanks to the CWWGC and members of your team for the wonderful work you do.
le 07/12/2015 à 08:18

I would like to Thank you for putting up this site as i finally found my Great Uncle David Charles Lillie.His name is in the book of rememberance at the house of parliment in Canada. My late father wondered as to where his Uncle was buried in France. My father served in the 2nd world war with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. Sadly he never knew as to where he is buried. One day i will pay my respects for him and myself.
le 28/11/2015 à 04:22

My grandmothers brother Arthur Basil McDonald, May 28, 1894 - Oct. 2, 1918 was in the Canadian Army and was in the 29th Battalion. He was born in Harrigan Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. His parents Alexander George MacDonald and Maggie Kaiser lived in Halifax NS at the time of his death. He is buried in the Duisans British Cemetery Extension. I have a bronze plaque inscribed with the following words. "HE DIED FOR FREEDOM AND HONOUR Note: most soldiers named MacDonald are spelled McDonald, his proper surname was MacDonald
le 20/11/2015 à 16:31

In loving memory of great great Uncle Alfred Houghton, Lance Bombardier Royal Field Artillery. Killed April 1918, aged 23. Buried in Blangy Tronville cemetery. Always remembered by his family.
le 17/11/2015 à 10:24

Hello, I have a photo of my great uncle Edward Vick DCM which I can email to you
le 16/11/2015 à 16:28

My great grandfather Wilfrid Hawthornthwaite died 20/111917 at Battle of Paschendaele. Left behind his wife and two sons Jack and Roy. Roy was my grandfather.
le 15/11/2015 à 14:15

In Memory of my Grandfather CHARLES RICHARD DUTTON who died on Aug 15, 1944, several months before the arrival of his and my Grandmothers first born son (my father) RICHARD DAVID DUTTON. He knew a little one was on the way, but they never met...

In turn, I named my first born son after my Grandfather, and who is now a strong healthy 10 year old, CHARLES RICHARD DUTTON (II) living with my lovely wife SUSAN DUTTON, my other son ALEXANDER THOMAS DUTTON and I in Ontario.

While my Dad and Mom are now retired and living life as true Canadian Snowbirds - travelling to Florida 5+ months a year. :)

My Grandmother JESSIE UPJOHN, did re-marry, then divorced - living a healthy life until 2003... When she joined up once again with her true live in Heaven - CHARLES RICHARD DUTTON.
le 15/11/2015 à 04:18

Albert Phillip Lacombe was the son of Cleophas Lacombe and Margaret Ann Beaudry he was born 03 Apr 1878 in the Town of Peterborough, Ontario. From the Canadian Census of 1881 through to 1901 he grew up in the town of Bracebridge with other 11 siblings. Between 1901 and 1906 he made his way and settled in Souris, Manitoba. Between 1906 and 1907 he met, fell in love with Marie Ezilda Lefebvre. They were married on the 11th of February 1907 St. Augustine Church, Brandon, Manitoba. Witnesses were Elvina Lefebvre sister of Ezilda and Charles Shannon. On the 08 June 1912 a daughter Mary Frances was born at Misericordia Hospital in Winnipeg. Albert Phillip Lacombe enlisted 21st November 1916 and was assigned to the 11th Battalion, Canadian Railway Troop. He passed away on the 12th of November 1918. The following letter was received by his widow Ezilda Lacombe from the attending nurse at No.1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station:
Dear Mrs. Lacombe
I deeply regret that it is my sad duty to inform you of the death of your husband 1084280 L/Cpl Lacombe 11th CRT who was brought here on the 12th of November suffering from acute influenza and pneumonia and passed away on the evening of the 14th. During that time he was very ill and unable to talk much so that he left no messages as far as I can learn. I am sorry that I did not know his home address until after his death or I should have personal talk with him as my own home town is not far from Souris, but among so many patients it is only by chance that we meet those we know. Any personnel effects will be forwarded through the customary channels and should reach you in due time. The interment took place in the Auberchicourt cemetery some distance from Douai. With sincere sympathy for your bereavement in this hour of victory yours very truly,
S Peris Johnson
A/matron, No.1 C.C.C.S
le 12/11/2015 à 13:59

In memory of my Great-Uncle, Wright Cooper, died 08-09-1917, his elder brother Samuel survived the conflict, my father fought in WW2 and is now 94, sadly he never knew Uncle Wright. May God bless all who served.
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