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le 03/01/2015 à 03:20

Hello, my father was named in honour of his relative killed in action in WW1. John George BAYLIFF. While we have always been aware of this relative we have only recently come across your photos Pierre in the Vaire-Sous-Corbie cememtery. I am particularly interested in why he and 3 others are in a civilian cemetery. I am intrigued as to the story behind this and what part the locals played in their burial. As I am coming to France in November I am particularly interested in visiting this grave. Any information anyone can give our family would sincerely be appreciated. Thank you. Kind regards, Janet.
le 02/01/2015 à 18:23

Hello, I have a photo of my great uncle, Alexander Lynch, flight sergeant 83 Sqdn RAF whose plane was shot down and crashed near Sogny-en-l'Angle on 11 March 1943. I have tried to send it to you by e-mail throught your link on the website, but could not connect. Alex and William Kenneth (Chipchase) are buried in the Church yard in Sogny. If you want, you can send me a mail and I will send you the photo of him and his crew standing next to their aircraft. My e-mail is maison_france( at sign)hotmail.com. Thank you
le 01/01/2015 à 20:36

In memory of my Great Uncle George Gibson from Cuckfield , Sussex. My Grandmother said he was her favourite brother who died on the Somme. I have been to his grave in the Peronne Road cemetery a few times. I have a poppy from the Tower of London for him.
Jane Nichols, Gloucester
le 01/01/2015 à 20:24

iIn memory of Patrick E.Welchman - because of him, I got to know my grandfather very well - Grandpa (Thomas H. Swann)(his Observer at the time) credited him for saving his life when they were shot down on a mission to bomb railway yards near Metz in 1918. I hope to visit his resting place very soon. Would love to find and make contact with any Welchman surviving family members??
le 30/12/2014 à 01:51

My G.Grandfather Thomas Currie was killed w.w.1. I have a photo of him, he was with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 20257. Date of death 18.10.18. How do i send you the photo Would like to see him added to your page many thanks wilson.
le 29/12/2014 à 01:03

We are planning to visit the CHAMPIGNOL-LEZ-MONDEVILLE CHURCHYARD to visit my uncle Mervin's grave. Does anyone have any information regarding Mervin Hopkins' death or military honours? Thank you very much for anything anyone can remember or provide.
le 28/12/2014 à 17:30

I am the Great Grandaughter of Ralph Wheatley Coulson , Durham Light Infantry, buried at Bulls Road Cemetery. I knew very little of him as my Gran was only 5 when he was killed in 1917. I was given his medals many years ago but only appreciated the relevance of this when I started to look at my family tree. My family and I visited the grave about 3 years ago, it completed the search and another piece of the jigsaw. I would be grateful for any information available around the events of his death if indeed there are any. It has been a fascinating journey. We recently bought a London Tower Poppy in his memory.
le 27/12/2014 à 05:32

I am the son of Vernon Beldon Parker (son of Aubrey J & Emma BELDON Parker; Emma Beldon was the sister of James BELDON, the first casualty listed on your site).

I was named after James Beldon and have two very special artifacts of his military life during WWI.

I know very little about J. Beldon but have learned much by searching the internet and would love to know more.....if anyone has any connecting stories about James Beldon.

Things I have learned: 1-He sent a military Christmas Card Dec 1910 to his mother and father (I have this 100 year old card in my possession). 2- He served as a rifleman in the Kings Royal Rifle Corp ( I have one document saying he was in the 4th Battalion and other says the 2nd Battalion) 3-He was born 1891 and died at age 28 after serving 4 - 8 years in the military.

Please share any information about his last battle, friends or other artifacts if willing. Thank you. Gratefully Yours James Beldon Parker
le 18/12/2014 à 08:02

In loving memory of my Great Uncle William Briggs (Billy). Died in action on 23 October 1918. His brother George Briggs also served in the Great War but was lucky enough to survive and see his grandchildren. Never forgotten the sacrifice so many of you brave men made.
le 18/12/2014 à 00:46

In memory of my great-uncle Laurence Barker (Royal Sussex Regiment) who was killed in action and awarded the MM for his bravery. Your family still remembers you with great pride.
le 16/12/2014 à 00:17

If anyone is going to visit Dury Mill cemetery can I trouble you to snap a photo of Pte Heron's grave marker. He is listed be buried at I.B 28 in the cemetery.

Thank you
My email is jlhwtp1( at sign)hotmail.com
le 12/12/2014 à 16:03

Aylmer, Allsworth, DAVISON, Rifleman was my maternal grandfather. He was 27 when killed on 25th June 1918, my mother was about 2 years old and therefore never had a memory of her father.

I have visited your grave twice, granddad, and will do so again. Thank you from the family for your sacrifice.
le 07/12/2014 à 13:15

For my uncle Ronnie Hedicker I never met you but hold memories from a leter from a caring french lady who took the time to return keepsakes to his mother after the 2nd world war. My father Roy Hedicker died in 2010. One day we will visit you uncle Ronnie
le 03/12/2014 à 18:46

my grandad,s brother Alfred died at the age of 19,sad to find out such a terrible thing,
but also very proud of such a brave man,bless all the people,
le 03/12/2014 à 00:24

Rest in peace to my great grandfather Frank Percy Beck died of his wounds 19 August 1916
le 02/12/2014 à 05:41

in memory of george ellis, 18270, 1st bn coldstream guards.
"as i child i never knew you, you were my beloved grandma's first husband,father of my aunty pem and uncle george. i remember watching my grandma stand for a moments silence, never understanding then that she was remembering you and your bravery, i want to thank you for you for your service and to let you know that you were never forgotten.
le 01/12/2014 à 13:13

In memory of my Great Uncle William Charles Edward HENSHALL of the Royal West Kent Regiment who died on 26th December 1917 aged 21 years. Buried at Flesqieres. I visited there and it was an emotional experience. Would like to find out more about the battle / events of that day.
le 30/11/2014 à 05:04

In memory of Herbert James Watkins 2385 2nd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment South Wales Borderers, Brother of Arthur Raymond Watkins of Pontypool Wales. Never Forgotten.
le 28/11/2014 à 11:29

In memory of Private Samuel Henderson, 8641, 2nd Welsh Regiment, 1st Division. Died 14-09-1914. La ferte -sous-Jouarre memorial, France. We never met granddad. Thank you. With love and gratitude from your grandchildren Slyvia, Robert and Patricia.
le 24/11/2014 à 07:21

In proud and loving memory of pte Frederick Barnes Barnes killed in action 16june 1918 aged 22 and our other 2 great uncles pte harry Barnes and air mechanic john Thomas Barney all killed during the great war
le 23/11/2014 à 09:27

Message for our realative - FLT SGT VIJENDRA KUMAR .10 SQUADRON. Buried Hermeray cemetary.France. Remembered forever by family . Any information about how he was found and taken to the French cemetary we would love to hear. Thank you to those who lok after his grave .
le 22/11/2014 à 14:57

Thanks for providing this site. My wife is trying to trace her great uncle Lieutenant R. V. Wheatley's grave. She has a photograph of the gravestone but no idea which cemetery it's in.
le 22/11/2014 à 10:59

My wife and I visited her Grandad's again this year and left a photo of his with Aileen's mother by his grave. It's a wonderful thing you have created so that these men will always be remembered.
Thank you James Newcombe
le 18/11/2014 à 03:35

I am Thomas Fredrick Ritchie's great great nephew. Just searching the net to find as much information about him as possible
le 17/11/2014 à 16:09

Thank you Great Grandad for your sacrifice and for your wonderful daughter lizzi (My grandmother) and your son Arthur who helped shape me in my childhood.

We can never repay the debt we owe you, only remember these darkest days.

le 16/11/2014 à 21:32

Thank you for this web site and the opportunity to remember and pay tribute to my grandfather , Sidney. Herbert Lucas , Killed in Action in the Menin road battle , 20 September 1917 , Gloucestershire regiment , and buried in the Oxford Road cemetery . Thank you to the CWGC for the prompt dispatch of a photo of the tombstone and cemetery
le 16/11/2014 à 17:50

I have found just out that I had an Uncle killed in action in W.W.1 at HASPRES in a battle for the SELLE RIVER BANK, he was killed on the 13th October 1918. He served the Lancashire Fusiliers, he was just 20yrs. God Bless.
le 15/11/2014 à 23:36

In remembrance of my Gt Uncle Bruce Ducat and Gt Gt Uncle James Skene who died in Worle War One. Bruce died June 24th 1916 aged 18 yearsand is buried at Lissenthoek Cemetery, Belgium. James died May 6th 1917 aged 28 years and is buried at Hibers Trench Cemetery France. Still thought of often by the family. RIP
le 15/11/2014 à 21:23

In memory of my great Uncle Alexander Elliott.Age 26.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.
God Bless You.
le 15/11/2014 à 11:38

in memory of my uncle William Carr my dads oldest brother who died in world war 2 xx
le 14/11/2014 à 22:31

RIP John Henry Hounslow. Killed 3 weeks after joining the war leaving 4 children and a wife behind. A father, grandfather and great grandfather we never knew. Sleep well x
le 14/11/2014 à 19:59

Remembering my great uncle Thomas Hazell who died on 1/3/18 at the age of 19. We had the great honour of visiting your grave at Seraucourt Le Grand British Cemetary in August. It touched us all especially the graves marked 'unknown soldiers'. We will never forget your sacrifice and my children will have it instilled in them so the memory lives on and hopefully wars like this never get repeated. RIP uncle Tommy xxxxx
le 13/11/2014 à 21:09

Any details onFlying Officer GeorgeSholto Manning PEARSON died 11/8/43 Belgium
le 13/11/2014 à 17:46

Private 92080 John Leonard WILKIN ....One day I will visit your grave, I talk about you and how brave you were, all that rest with you were very brave .... we all owe what we have today to you all ... so brave ... so sad xxx
le 13/11/2014 à 11:03

Remembering at this time my Uncle, Private A.R.G. Smith, at rest in Roisin Cemetery. He passed to higher service on 6th November, 1918, so close to being able to come home and taking his place again in our family in Plymouth. I visited his resting place about 20 years ago but feel that in this special anniversary year it is a fitting time to say again Thank you Uncle Alfie for your sacrifice.
le 12/11/2014 à 18:47

In this special commemoration period I want to honor the memory of all the fighters, all nations combined, this wretched slaves oh unnecessary killing and initiated by our dear leaders, elected ostensibly for the good of the people and do not hesitate not to sacrifice millions of innocent people to try to establish their supremacy. All of you who sacrificed your life in these muddy and unclean areas, you who believe in the legitimacy of your sacrifice for your homeland, you who have experienced the horror, misery, hunger, cold, fear, get here all the honors due to you, our eternal gratitude. Your memory must be forever in our hearts, as for those who have lost their lives and for those who are income. You are now all together in death, but you will remain forever our hero.
le 12/11/2014 à 18:43

En cette période exceptionnelle de commémoration je tiens à honorer la mémoire de tous les combattants, toutes nations confondues, esclaves de cette misérable tuerie ô combien inutile et initiée par nos chers dirigeants, élus soi-disant pour le bien des peuples et qui n'hésitent pas à sacrifier des millions d'innocents pour essayer d'asseoir leur suprémacie. Vous tous qui avez sacrifié votre vie dans ces espaces boueux et immondes, vous qui avez cru en la légitimité de votre sacrifice pour votre Patrie, vous qui avez connu l'horreur, la misère, la faim, le froid, la peur, recevez ici tous les honneurs qui vous sont dus, notre gratitude éternelle. Votre mémoire doit être à jamais dans nos coeurs, tant pour ceux qui y ont laissé la vie que pour ceux qui en sont revenu. Vous êtes désormais tous réunis dans la mort mais vous resterez pour toujours nos héros.
le 11/11/2014 à 23:34

In loving memory of Pte Joseph Norman. Fatally wounded at Loos and died on 27/09/1916. Laid to rest at Sailly-Labourse, France.
le 11/11/2014 à 22:40

I cant find a way to edit my previous post :-( I cant believe I spelt your surname wrong! Please forgive me Henry...
rest in peace Henry Charles Sampson, all my love eternally Ginny xxxx
le 11/11/2014 à 22:33

Henry Charles Samson.. gone but never forgotten.. rest in peace xxxx
le 11/11/2014 à 20:55

In fond memory of Pvt. William F. Ware, most beloved brother of Alice Winnifred Ware and my beloved grandma, who talked about him all her life, who's dying wish at 93 was to be reunited with him. Billy, I feel I know you so well and I'm going to come and find you in 2018. Love Mandy xxxxxx
le 11/11/2014 à 19:21

In memory of British solider: (my great Uncle)
Frederick George Riddles.

He was part of the RASC. During the slaughter of soldiers on the beach his vehicle was converted into a ambulance and he rescued soldiers injured on the beach. He returned to rescue more men when his truck was hit and he was killed.


Rank: Driver Service No: T/128529
Date of Death: 11/06/1940 Age: 33
Regiment/Service: Royal Army Service Corps
Grave Reference: Spec. Memorial. C, 45.
Additional Information:

Son of Alfred and Ada Riddles; husband of Margaret May Riddles, of Bournemouth, Hampshire.

Fred Riddles wife (My great Auntie Peg (Margaret)) raised their two children in England: (Jean & Alexander) without their father. Alex later immigrated to Canada and then to the USA. Jean remained in England but her two children Linda and Edwin both became soldiers (USA).

Auntie Peg visited Canada many times to see her sister who immigrated from England with her husband after the war. (my grandmother) Isabelle (Belle), husband Art Shave.
Auntie Peg also visited her son/grandchildren/family in the USA and my grandmother in the winter months in Kissimmee, Florida. It was a hard life at that time raising their two children without a father but she always had a smile and a nice thing to say.

Frederick George Riddles: Always remembered
le 11/11/2014 à 18:04

I have spent several years trying to find my Great Uncle, Private Fred Wilson, 203515 of the 1st battalion East Yorkshire Regiment last resting place. He died a POW but my grand parents never knew anymore than that. I never gave up and today of all days, 100 years since WW1 started, I found him, laid to rest in Hautmont Cemetary....if it is at all possible It would be lovely to receive a photograph. His grave number is IV.B.21... Both my great uncles died in the war, now I have found them both I hope to be the first family member to visit them and pay our deepest respects on behalf of all my family....
le 11/11/2014 à 18:01

On this Veterans Day Remembrance 100 years following the beginning of WWI, I remember my father, James R. Stewart, USMC Air Corps, and veteran of the Pacific theater in WWII, my uncle, John F. Mackey, US Army, veteran of the Normandy invasion, my grandfather, Raymond J. Stewart, US Army veteran of WWI, injured in France and his 1st cousin, Samuel John (Jack) Stewart, Queensland, Australia, killed in France during WWI and buried at Camon. May they and all those who gave their lives in war be remebered and be at rest.
le 11/11/2014 à 16:43

In memory of my Granfather Scott Stewart killed in action on Sept 27
1918 and buried in Crest Cemetery.
le 11/11/2014 à 16:09


le 11/11/2014 à 15:15

Walter Dobson, was my Great Uncle he had a brother Joseph he was killed on the 4th june 1914 at Ploogstreet serving with the Lincolnshire Reg No know grave.
le 11/11/2014 à 14:58

I found my great great uncle's gravestone whilst on a battlefield visit with my secondary school approximately 8 years ago.

Thinking of you on Remembrance Day R.N Bass xx
Hoping to visit you again soon in the near future
le 11/11/2014 à 14:23

In memory of our Uncle Sgt. John Scoular QOCHC, died August 17 1944 Age 22 in Normandy, Son of Robert/Mary Scoular, Winnipeg. We never met, but we will never forget. Thank you for your sacrifice 70 years ago. So many years lost.
le 11/11/2014 à 13:53

In memory of my Great Uncle, Private Ralph Taylor 58072.
Who died the on 4/10/18 aged just 19.
Another life lost, and so tragically young.

We owe you so much.
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