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ADANAC Military Cemetery (Miraumont) (Somme France)

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Pte William George Lightle 01/03/1898 - 18/11/1916 aged 18
William was born in Port Hope, Ontario.

Private Lightle Met Death Bravely
The following letters – one to Mr. David Lightle, written Nov. 25th by Capt. Moffatt and the other to Mrs. A.E. Fulford (nee Miss Lucy Lightle) date of Dec. 5th by a number of his chums – tells how our young hero, the late William Lightle, met his death on the battlefield: David Lightle, Esq.,
Port Hope, Ont.
Dear Sir:
It is with great regret that I write to tell you of the death of your son, Private W. Lightle, who was killed in action on the 18th November, about noon. Your son conducted himself always in a most gallant manner and was greatly liked and admired by both officers and men of my company, and I want to convey to you our deep sympathy in your great loss. Believe me to be, Sir,
Yours very sincerely,
G.G. Moffatt, Capt.
O.C. “B” Co’y.

Miss Lucy Lightle.
Dear Friend:
It falls to my lot to have to convey to you the news of the death of your dearly-beloved brother, William (Bill), who was killed in action on the Somme, Nov. 18th, while nobly doing his duty. I’m sure it will be some comfort to you and his parents to know that his death was instantaneous. It was his duty to take a party of officers to the front line, when a shell burst close by, killing him, wounded his partner and an officer. So today he lies in France along with lots more of his brave comrades who fell the same day. We are a special section of the battalion, consisting of 18, and we all sadly miss him, for at all times he was so very cheerful with always a happy smile, sometimes under very trying circumstances.
Tonight your parcel has been handed to us, and seeing your address on this letter, I took the privilege of returning same. At present we are in a rest camp for a week or two, as we need some reinforcements; then we shall be ready for Fritz again. Everything is bright over here and we have the best of it always. Only the sacrifice of life must be great, but we are all willing to do our bit, and hope ere another Xmas passes we will be in Canada once more.
Well, dear friend, Xmas is drawing near, and I hope you will all bear your burden nobly and try and make it cheerful for all others (even if there is an empty chair). So I will close now, with deepest sympathy in this your hour of sorrow.
From a few of his chums,
McGiffen, J.M. 219447 Dryden, William 443397 Palmer, M.L. 464534
Lillen, P.T. 474117 Lindle, W. 219851 McGovern, Pte. A. 442531 Montgomery, J. 443727 Simmons, J.T. 472929 Priddy, E. 474216
(The Evening Guide, 28 December 1916)

For Peter Bolton, Port Hope, Ontario
Pte George Henry (Harry) Smith 20/09/1916 aged 28
Harry enlisted 18/08/1915, he was born in England, son of Isaac Fisher Smith & Emma Porter, his family relocated to Longford Mills, Rama Township, Ontario, Canada, where he was a labourer in the Chemical factory.
He is also commemorated on a memorial in the Longford Mills Cemetery, both with his brother Hardy Alfred, who also gave his life for King and County.
for the Ramara Historical Society
Sgt John Morris Chappell 19/140/1877 - 15/09/1916
John was born in Walsall to John and Catherine Chappell of 104, Lower Rushall Street, Walsall and later of 52, Back Butts, Rushall.
Emigrating to Canada in 1903, he was a married man with 3 children residing at 6157, Balsam Street, Kerrisdale, Vancouver, British Columbia.
He was killed on the first day of the Battle of Flers-Courcelette.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Pte Edgar Button 10/02/1917 aged 22
Edgar was the son of John Edward and Mary Elizabeth Button of ‘Fairview Cottage’, Victor Street, Walsall, his fatherbeing the Deacon at Wednesbury Road Congregational Church.
He was a Scoutmaster for the Palfrey troop and had the distinction of being a ‘King’s Scout’ and a ‘Prince of Wales Scout’.
Emigrating to Australia in 1914, Edgar was employed as a ledger clerk in Bathurst, New South Wales.
He was killed in the fighting around Miraumont.
His family received a letter detailing his death:
“With others he was garrisoning one of a series of detached posts which at that time formed our front line. During a sharp bombardment by the enemy’s artillery, a shell unfortunately fell right in his post. Your son was buried just in rear where he fell and a good wooden cross was made to place over his grave. By the time the cross was made we had been relieved, but I was assured by the Officer Commanding the company which relieved us that the cross we sent up had been placed in position. I have already written to your other soldier son explaining where it is.”
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Gnr Albert Charles Tomlin 18/03/1917 aged 22
for Tony Pringle and the people of Newmarket
Pte Warren Russel Withrow 22/06/1896 - 28/09/1916
for Mark Dinan


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