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TAILLETTE Communal Cemetery (Ardennes France)

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Saturday 22th October 2011
After the Ceremony
Exhibition of planes pieces organized by Hector Maurage
Speech by Lt. Col. (I. R.) Roland Canivenq, Chairman of The Souvenir Francais of Ardennes French Department and By David Mole before Mr Andre Bernard, Mayor of Taillette, The Prefet of the Ardennes and a local Deputy
Attentive members of the families during the speech, right, Air Commodore John Maas, Lieutenant-Colonel Marcel Cloutier, and David Mole
Exchange of presents, a Medal of The Souvenir Francais for the families and a beautiful picture of a Halifax to the Mayor of Taillette
Rachel Balen moved and proud to show her Medal
Lt-Col. Cloutier posing with some local members of The Souvenir Francais and conversing with Mr Mario Agnoli, Chairman of the Italian Nazionale Alpini from Belgium who made the great pleasure to assist to the ceremony
Original design of the two planes by Olivier Beernaert
La Semaine des Ardennes on 27/10/2011
L'Union 29/10/2011


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